Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Haps

Hey Everyone!! I can't believe I've been away so long, I see how Mia can take such long breaks! Thanks to those of you who wondered about how I've been.

Let's get going, I finished my first semester of graduate school. I received an A- in my Finance Class and an A in my Communications course. There is a chick in my group that I'm stuck working with for an entire year, I've been doing a lot of praying, we've gotten into it three times already and the word bitch is on the tip of my tongue.

I finally moved from the projects into the burbs. Let me just tell you, it is like living in an entirely different world, the pic attached is the new place. I've decided I'm going to start posting more pics with my blog, to give you all more of a visual.

Work has been pleasingly quiet lately. I am actually starting back up my job search though before anything else pops up with the coworkers. I haven't brought lunch to work in a while since the incidents with my coworker mistaking my items for hers.

Unfortunately, not bringing my lunch means that I've been eating out a lot, not to mention drinking, see that pic attached too and have gained a good twenty-five pounds since this time last year. I know people are always making resolutions to lose weight in the new year but it is definitely a must for me, I'm busting out of my clothes.

I've made a great friend that I met at work and she and I live in the same neighborhood now. I really missed all my friends since I made the 3K mile move and I'm glad to have found a true friend here. She and I hang out a lot and have tons in common. When Teddy and I had some issues, she was just the true definition of a "girlfriend." Since she has lived here all her life, she has a ton of friends and I've gotten to meet quite a few of them. They remind me of my friends back home and they have invited me to several events that they've each had, it finally started to feel like I lived here and wasn't just visiting.

Things with Teddy are now better than they have ever been. Like a lot of couples, we went through a period where we weren't seeing eye to eye. Thankfully we worked everything out and are now planning for the future. He has really grown a lot since we first started dating and is continuing to grow into the man that I know he can be.

My sister is still planning to move down here to join me, not in my apartment though (thank God!) She graduated with her Masters in Education a couple of weeks ago and is now just waiting for a job. She and I have been on pretty good terms these last few months. We have had our normal disagreements but they usually only last a day or so and we're back to living life as if nothing happened. After deciding that she was tried of yo-yo dieting, she had gastric bypass surgery and is down about 60lbs. I know that outside appearance has nothing to do with how a person feels but she seems to have a bit more confidence lately.

I went home for a quick weekend a few months back, I had gotten a little homesick. My cousin had a bbq at her house and after a few hours and a liquor concotion, appropriately named, "Jungle Juice," things went horribly wrong. There were punches and smacks thrown and the police shut down the party. There is one cousin that none of us are really speaking with because she defended her boyfriend to the cops. We made ammends a couple of months ago, but things still feel weird. I'm hoping to get things back on track with all of us, since no one is really speaking to her.

My trip home for Christmas started off really well. The flight left on time, I met a nice man who chatted about his wife, job and dog. The ride had no turbulence and we even arrived on time. But as always, there has to be some type of drama. On our way back from an evening of hanging out, my sister, cousins and I were in an accident. There was a man waving cars down on the freeway and as we slowed down, we slid on black ice, hit his truck and ended up facing oncoming traffic. At that point, we decided to get out of the car and make it as quickly as we can to the embankment. It was super cold, a whopping 15 degrees and snowing. The good part is none of us was seriously injured, I'll add pics from that night too.

That is really all that's been happening this way. I am getting ready to straighten up a bit and enjoy the rest of my vacation from work. Teddy has plans for us tomorrow night and I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I still cannot believe that this year has gone by so fast. I'm going to be catching up on all your blogs over the next few days.

The final pic is of my baby!! See you in the new year!

*Edited to add- The pics are all out of order but pretty easy to figure out!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Heart Stopped

The other day I work I got a call from my sister. I picked up the phone with a high-pitched hello, acting silly.

All I heard from her end was crying. My heart stopped beating and I yelled at her, asking what was wrong. In between sobs, she told me that some guys had kicked in the front door while she was in the shower.

Panic set in and I wondered if she was alright. Had my parents been injured? I needed to know everything. It was four in the afternoon and someone had the audacity to just kick in the door to my parent's home, after them being there only two short months, I was mad as hell.

The police arrived within a few minutes so she said she would call me back. The entire time I waited to hear from her, my stomach was in knots.

She finally called me back and gave me the details about what happened. She saw the crooks and ran after them, but she recently had surgery so she couldn't catch up as fast had she not been recovering.

The jerks stole her $2,000 M-book and even took the time to rip the cord from the wall. Her feelings were hurt about her computer and the fact that all her papers and personal information was on there.

She is in better spirits now, thanking God that she wasn't harmed and she only lost a material possession. My parents felt horrible because they had discussed getting an alarm but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'm just thankfil that she's okay.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pacing Myself

As life goes, it seems that things are all falling into place at once. In a month, I'll be starting classes and in about two months, I will finally be moving.

My sister is all over the place with her ideas. One minute, she wants to move down in January, the next, it's June. One second, she wants she and I to be roomies, the next, she'd like to get a third bedroom for our younger brother.

Then the other day she "so-called" lectured me about making the decision that is best for me, not for Teddy, her or my brother. I kind of sat there dumbfounded because she was the one putting the most pressure on me as far as living arrangements. She then went so far as to say that I'm only thinking about one area in particular because it's close to Teddy. I let her know that I liked the area I'm looking in before I even met Teddy. In fact, Toot and I went looking in that neighborhood back before I even met Teddy.

On the school front, I'm really excited that it will be starting school. I will need to come up with some type of schedule so that I make adequate time to study. When I think about the possibilities that an advanced degree could bring me, the future looks a lot brighter.

I've also been trying to watch what I eat, I'd love to drop some weight and fit comforably in my clothes again. I've joined a challenge with S23 that motivates me, even when I don't always make the best choices, I keep at it. Life is slowly, but surely beginning to move for me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Over the weekend Teddy and I went apartment hunting. I will be living solo, just in case that first sentence was misleading. He was a great tour guide, showing me around different neighborhoods.

I fell in love with one apartment that we visited. The apartment was by the water and was luxury at it's finest. One downside to luxury living is the price tag, lol! How could you not love a place that had Mimosas?! The other downside was that it was very far from work and I'd have to cross a bridge every day during the commute. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have an acute case of road rage, so that won't work.

One horrible apartment reeked of curry even though there were two air fresheners plugged in the wall. This same apartment had stairs that were crumbling and trash all over the courtyard. Needless, to say, that apartment won't be hearing from me.

The next stop was also bad for a multitude of reasons. The major issues at the apartment included appliances from the 70s and the complex had 750 units. This time around I decided I want to live in a smaller apartment community with the hopes that I won't have to deal with some of the issues I have right now.

The final apartment we saw is the one I'm almost sure that I want. This complex only has 200 units and they know all their residents by name. The leasing agent also made some cookies called snicker doodles. I had never heard of these cookies but they were very good, I didn't overdo it, I only ate two. The atmosphere at the apartment was very serene and they are running a special, which would mean I'd pay $75 less a month than my current apartment.

We have plans to go to one more area this weekend and then I'll make my decision. I hate moving, as I've done it every year since 2004, but I've never been so ready to leave an apartment as I am now!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decision Made

.....I've been accepted to the MBA program that I had my heart set on!! I'm SO happy! I told you all how I had been feeling about being stagnant with life.

I want to make the best of this next step in my life. I plan to study and learn like never before. If anyone has any tips, I'm open to suggestions. In undergrad, I'd find that I had read something but when it came to retaining the information, I came up short.

I shared the news with my parents and both were very excited for me. I hadn't told them that I was applying, just in case I didn't get the outcome I was after. My sister and Teddy were both very happy for me. He thinks it is so great that we will both be taking classes this semester. My sister truly has been my #1 supporter in this. She helped me in so many ways, including going to the school I received my Bachelors from and got transcripts for me.

Thanks to all of you who cheered me on while I prepared for the GMAT! I'm going to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Sit Down All Day

Work has been hell on earth. I am now on day eleven of work. I have never worked eleven straight days in my life. I'm almost used to this zombie-like trance I'm in. I blast my music when I'm in the car to stay alert. I left the other night at 8pm, although I'm supposed to get off at 4:30 and of course my coworker commented on how I was leaving before the group. I want to point out though, that this same coworker comes in at 9:30, so technically, she should stay later than I do anyway.

I was talkin to Teddy yesterday morning and I yawned as he asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was alright, but exhausted. He then went on to ask me why and I went in on him. I decided to reiterate to him that working so many days in a row takes a lot out of you. The next five words that came out of his mouth were like profanity, "you sit down all day." I went off on him, I wanted to say even more than I did but I had to talk myself down. He went on to say that it's not physical like his job. I yelled at him challenging him to tell me that my job wasn't mentally draining, who cares if I sit down in a chair?

I guess he got the point because he backed down from the conversation. I have always been annoyed by folks who comment on those ofo us with desk jobs, like we do nothing. Sometimes I wish I had a job that I didn't have to really use my mind much to get through the day. I hope for Teddy's sake that he never, ever, ever, says anything like that to me again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Time Escapes Me

I took the GMAT and it was very difficult. I am awaiting to hear from the graduate schools I applied to. There has been no drama at my apartment, other than lightening striking my next door neighbor's outlets and blowing a fuse at her apartment.

Things on the workfront suck at the moment. My office flooded and I had to move to a conference room with a coworker whose office was also flooded. It is also budget time at my job, which means overtime. The only problem with the additional hours is that I'm salaried so I am just getting comp time. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, this weekend and next.

My family is good, my sister and little brother both now want to move here. The only problem with this is that they both want to live with me. My plan was to use a roomate locator service to help me find a roomie so that I can start building a savings. My sister confronted my idea saying, "you'd rather live with a stranger, than me?" The answer to that question is yes. The reason behind that is not only because she isn't clean, but because of her huge, disobedient dog.

There isn't much else going on with me. Momma Teddy and I have plans to go see the new Julia Robert's movie next month. Oh yeah!! My BFF married Miltary Man. I talked to her today and they are planning to start trying for a baby the next time they see each other, since they are in two different countries at the moment.

I guess I will get ready for bed since I have to be at work at 6am. I hope everyone is well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rude Awakening

The other night I was awakened by a man yelling. It took me a minute to fumble for my glasses and process what was going on. “I want my money mf-er!” Startled, I froze as I attempted to figure out where the shouts were coming from. “Man, I’m not playing with you, give me my shit"

I looked out my bedroom window to see that the noise was coming from the apartment across the way from mine. As the guy continued to yell, he grew more upset, his tone getting louder and his body language shifting. Immediately, I decided to call the police because I didn’t want the situation to escalate any further. It sounded as though thunder was in the sky as he pounded on the door.

The 911 operator asked me a million questions, including my name and phone number. What happened to the days of anonymity? I wondered. As I answered the numerous questions the operator threw out, the man pulled the screen off the window of the apartment. I sat there wondering what was next and how many more questions I’d have to answer in order to have the police dispatched. She asked my cross streets and if my apartment had a gate code. I told her that it did and she asked me the code. How should I know, I wondered to myself, I have a gate pass, I never use it… I had the code in my cell phone so I went to the password keeper on my phone.

I had my eyes glued on the guy and that apartment the entire time and I had finally got my passwords to give the dispatcher the gate code when the man kicked in the front window and ran in the apartment. At that point, all I heard was a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. I panicked at that point and told the operator to hurry because I had no idea what he was doing to her. She asked me if he had a weapon and I said not that I could tell.
Next, he came out of the apartment with a cell phone and threw it over the balcony and went back inside. A couple minutes later he emerged from the apartment in an angry rage. The dispatcher asked me to describe him and as I told her what he had on, I noticed that he was barefoot. After the commotion was over another young guy runs from the apartment, continuously looking over his shoulder.

The operator was finally finished with the inquisition and said that officers would be there shortly. Next, I called Teddy talking a million miles a minute waking him from his sleep, telling him what had been going on. As always he made me feel better, my heart had been racing the entire time. Of course by the time that the police arrived, the guy was gone. The police spoke to the woman who lived in the apartments and picked up fragments from the busted phone on the sidewalk.
The girl’s family members eventually arrived and I tried to do my best to get some rest since I had to work in the morning. Saying that I can’t wait to move is a huge understatement.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Over My Head

I feel like I'm in over my head. I've tentively scheduled myself to take the GMAT a little over a month from today. I have dabbled in the review books but now is the time to crack down.

I opened one review guide I had yet to look over and felt like it was written in Japanese. I have never been too good at taking standardized tests and this test is so overwhelming. The thought of sitting for hours solving word problems that look like paragraphs has me petrified.

I know that the only thing that I can do to prepare is to study. When I was online earlier looking at the GMAT site, they stated that most people study between three to six months! I'm only giving myself a solid month, what am I doing?!

My plan is to register tomorrow so that I can get the date I need next month. The grad school application deadline is August 1st so it's pretty much take the test next month or wait yet another year to attempt starting grad school. I have been putting off this test for years and wasting time.

I have to put myself on a schedule and buckle down. I can't see letting another year passing me by, I feel so complacent just working.

Okay enough complaining, thanks for listening.

Friday, June 4, 2010

MY Sandwich!!

This morning I came into work and put my fruit in the refrigerator. I try to not eat my breakfast immediately so that I have an even amount of time between breakfast and lunch.

Finally I was ready to go grab my milk that I had brought in the day before so that I could have my cereal. I frantically searched the refrigerator. I even had Double and OM come help me look, but to no avail, my milk was gone.

My next step was the office shakedown. I went office to office asking my coworkers had they seen my milk. There was fire spewing from my flared nostrils, how dare someone drink MY SHIT! No one would accept responsibility for taking my milk, although I saw it in there this morning and I knew it was there. I even asked my boss who said that if by chance it was in her trash that she had been set up.

Defeated, I headed to the cafe' in our building and grabbed a muffin. I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water and that's where I ran into a coworker that hadn't been questioned. She asked was everything okay and I told her no becauase someone had drank my milk. Her next question was what was it in?

At that point I knew she was the culprit. She thought, that she too had brought milk in a water bottle and that she must have forgotten it was in there. I wanted to take her smiling face and smash it in as she nervously laughed from the irony that she thought it was hers.

My BFF told me not to get fired over drank milk! I know JUST how Ross felt!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Too Many

Friday I went out with the coworkers to have a delicious Mexican meal. I, however, forgot to tell Office Mom that I was going to be leaving the office later because I was going to follow our other coworker to the restaurant. OM was more than annoyed with me and decided to tell me so as I called her from my car.

I apologized to OM once I made it to the table and all was forgiven and we sealed the misunderstanding with a hug. We made it just in time to enjoy a couple drinks from the happy hour menu.

After a couple of margaritas, coworker, Let's call her Double, because she's two-faced, decided to tell me what kinda thoughts had been running through that huge forehead of hers. Just to recap, this is the same coworker mentioned here, well I tried to link the story but since it isn't working, I wrote about her on 12/17/09. So anyway, she let's me know that after having a little liquid courage she can know that she is tired of helping me with my problem areas.

I went off, asking her WHO THE F*&@ was I supposed to ask?! She had nerve to ask if I just cussed her. Hell yeah, I cussed you Double, I'm tired of your fake ass. I then proceeded to tell her that it is far and few between that I need her but on the off chance that I do, she should be willing to help me. She admitted that I do rely on her a lot less.

The evening went pretty much downhill from there. OM and Double ended up getting into it about something that Double confided in OM about. We left dinner just as a thunderstorm started to roll in. I made it home quickly and Double even called to make sure I made it to the right freeway.

I called Teddy to let him know I had made it home safely. It appeared that my buzz decided to kick in once I laid down in bed.I babbled for what felt like forever until I started dozing off. Teddy told me to get some sleep and he'd see me in the morning.

When we went to breakfast the next morning, Teddy informed me that I was "off the hook" the night before. Sadly, I could not remember all that I said. I kicked myself a couple of times Saturday as he mentioned several things I told him during my drunken stupor. Part of me wanted to know what all I said, but the other part said forget it.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Time has once again managed to fly by without me posting. Quite a bit has happened since my last post.

I received a phone call from my old BFF who I wrote about here. To say that I was surprised to hear from her would be an understatement. We played catch up and she asked if I was still in the same apartment I was two years ago. I informed her that I finally moved to Texas. All she could say was wow, you finally did it. She asked how long and I told her almost eight months now. It seemed to bring her down a bit, knowing that I had been away so long and she had no clue, but then again, I could be reading way more into her reaction.

I met Teddy's mom. She was really sweet; we shook hands after meeting one Sunday at church. Later that afternoon after Teddy and I parted ways and I headed home, I received a phone call from him. He announced that he had news and asked if I wanted to hear it or if I'd rather wait until later. Well of course when someone says they have something to tell you, you want to hear it immediately. He told me his mom said she got a great feeling from me and she can tell that I am the one for him. I sat there silent for a moment, like wow, did she really?

I have seen her several times since then and now we're up to hugging. I made her a cake for Mother's Day that they both loved. Speaking of the cake, I found a store that is a Baker's Dream. I've always enjoyed baking so I am considering taking my past time and potentially turning it into something much more.

Things have been pretty quiet on the drama front for the most part. My little brother's wife, who is in Germany, has found a new boyfriend. She proudly shared her new love interest on FB and even changed her marital status as married to this new guy. My sister decided to check her about claiming a new husband while being married to our brother and informed her that "husband #4 is not a good look". Needless to say, my sister-in-law deleted and blocked my sister and I as well as all of my cousins.

My apartment life sucks at the moment. I have had to call management twice about seeing little bugs. You can call it a fear if you like, or flat out hate, but bugs and I do not get along. I can't wait to move out of this place.

Work is still the same. I was just assigned a new project last week all while still covering for my coworker on FMLA. My Work Mom informed me that another coworker that hangs out with us was talking about me with another colleague of ours. The same coworker had a birthday gathering for her daughter, on the evening that Teddy and I had plans. She actually had the audacity to ask if I was going to pick my man over her daughter's party. YES! Please tell me what I look like, blowing off my man for a woman who talks about me behind my back?

That is really all that is going on for me at the moment. I have been stalking airline websites to see if I can find a ticket home that won't cost me a kidney and a liver, no such luck yet.

I am hopeful that my free internet connection stays up so I can start posting more frequently.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Overworked and underpaid is how a lot of people feel and I happen to be one of those people. I feel bad for feeling this way, especially since getting this job was such a blessing. The thing is that ever since I found out that the woman in the position before me was hired on making 10K more than me, I have been resenting my heavy workload. I also discovered that the workload was redistributed when I started and I was given all the problem areas. The worst part is people that I interact with say, “well Previous Lady would do this for me and that”. I quietly think to myself that yeah, I bet she did, as much as she made she should have been doing all of that.

I also feel like they tack on more and more work every month. Maybe I’m just complaining but I don’t feel that way. During budget loading in March I was working from 7:30am-9pm. The worse part about the long hours is the fact that I’m salaried so no overtime. So you mean to tell me that I make way less than the previous person but I also have to work fourteen hour days?

These feelings have led me to start testing the waters in search of a different job. I’m not on the hunt like when I originally relocated but looking at my finances, which aren’t too great at the moment versus the stress that I face daily, I just want to see what is out there. I’ve considered getting a second job as a means of supplemental income but I don’t even have the time to work a night gig due to the hours I put in at work. I guess we shall see.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Growing Up

I talked to one of my BFFs(Songbird) since elementary school last night. As we've gotten older the group of us have all remained close but as life goes, we don't talk as often as we did when we were younger. We all make it a point though to keep in touch and give updates about what is going on in our lives.

I got a text from Songbird saying that she wanted to catch up and asked when I'd be free to talk. I told her that on Tuesday I would be free and we made plans to chat then. Tuesday came and went and I didn't remember to late in the evening that we hadn't spoke. I texted her asking if the mishap in us talking was my fault and she said she had been awaiting my call.

So anyway, when I called her, we said our hello's and immediately, I asked what was wrong from her tone. You know how it is when you know someone and you can just pick up that something is up? That is the vibe I got from her. Her reply was nothing was wrong. So I pressed on asking well if nothing was wrong, then what was not-so-good? She said that she just wasn't feeling good. I asked her why and she replied because she's pregnant. She then told me that they are getting married and soon before she even starts to show.

I can't honestly remember a time I was so speechless as I was processing that news. She said hello repeatedly and as my lips moved, nothing came out. I told her that I needed a few minutes to get myself together. When I finally could muster up some audible sounds, I laughed and that turned to crying. I couldn't believe that all of this was happening so suddenly.

Songbird has been with her guy since the same time Teddy and I became official so this is why it took such a toll on me. Not only have I not met this guy but now she is having a baby with him and marrying him. It seems like I am missing everything with my friend's lives but I know it's a part of being an adult.

My other BFF that is with Military Man is planning to get married next month around the same time at the courthouse. They even joked with each other about how they may all be in the same room sharing vows mass-style.

I can't lie and say I'm not a bit saddened that two of my best friends will both be getting married in a courthouse and that I won't be there. I'm happy for Songbird because she is genuinely happy and she had discussed with me over a month ago that she felt he was the one. The jury is still out on the union between BFF and Military Man.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today at work, I covered for two people who had the day off. One of the coverage duties included accepting deposits from other departments. I have to admit that having the responsibility of accepting money is my least favorite task.

A young lady from the Cashier's Office came at about nine a.m. Along with picking up our deposits, she informed me that she had cash for one of my coworkers and handed it to me in a money bag. As part of protocol, I went to copy the sheet detailing the amount of money I was giving to the Cashier's Office.

A few minutes after returning to my desk I prepare to take the money bag to the safe. This is when I ran into a problem...the money bag was missing. I walked back to the copy room thinking maybe I had taken the bag in there with me, but there was no such luck.

I returned to my desk and literally tore it apart. I retraced every step I made that morning and even places I didn't go. By the way, am I the only one who loses something and looks places you know the item can't be? I called and left a message for the pick-up person, explaining the money was missing.

While I had been away from my desk at a mandatory birthday celebration a voice mail had been left from her stating that she had placed the money bag in my hand. Hearing her message did nothing but frustrate me more because although I know she handed me the money, I knew that she left my desk after I did.

I called her again and she was conveniently at lunch. After getting a coworker involved in the search and a few workless hours passing, I decided to fess up and tell my boss what happened. I was instanty lectured about how I shouldn't have left the money unattended for even thirty seconds.

My next steps were to call the police and then send an email informing my department of the missing money. I decided I would attempt to call her one last time as a ditch effort. She again reiterated how she "handed" the money to me. I explained to her that after I returned from making a copy the money was gone and all she offered was "oh."

I asked her to check and make sure that she didn't accidently pick it up. She said alright and returned to the phone a couple minutes later saying that she had found it at the bottom of her bag. After all the madness she had put me through searching for something she had the entire time, she offfered no apology. I told her I had to go so I could call the police back. She actually had the nerve to say, "you called the police over that?"

I hate idiots and she fits the entire definition of the word. I'm thinking about reporting her but I haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spill the Beans

I hate sharing! Not literally, but sharing my feelings. I'm pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with how I was raised. While my family was close, some things we just didn't talk about. We showed love to one another but rarely used the term, "I love you."

For this reason, it has been a true task communicating certain things when it comes to relationships with people. Up until this point, it never seemed to matter to anybody I was in a relationship with. Teddy came along and changed things up in my life.

He has this thing about being open and honest. Now before anyone side eyes me, I believe that healthy relationships thrive on communication and honesty. My problem is that he likes to discuss the past a lot. While I understand the past helped us to get where we are, because of not-so-good memories, I don’t like harping on the past. Teddy wants to discuss every single minute detail of the past. I just can’t see why he would like to know everything.

I have been trying to disclose some things I’ve hidden way back in my closet. I do this because I want my relationship to flourish. Another reason I don’t mind trying is because he isn’t accusatory or judgmental, he genuinely wants to know all of me. There are some things I’ve told him that he could have easily thrown up in my face in the heat of a heated conversation, but he never goes that route.

Over the weekend, we had a ridiculous incident concerning Crazy-mf-ass-Kelley that could have ended us for good, but instead he stepped up to the plate like a real man and was there in full effect to support me. I am a very, very lucky woman.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flashing Light

So I'm almost certain I just got caught by the stoplight camera. I was trying to make it through a light and by the time I noticed it was too late my options were stick out in traffic or go. I went for it and that's when I saw the light flash. I'm sure when I get the picture and ticket in the mail, the picture will have me shown with my mouth wide open. It flashed as I went under and I thought "well I'll be damned!"

Now I just sit and wait for them to mail me the ticket. I heard from coworkers it takes a few weeks. I wonder if I'll get points on my license for this? What happened to the good old days of police having to actually pull you over to issue a ticket? I think police nowadays have it too easy! Lol!

Monday, March 29, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am in a relationship now.I know, I didn't foresee that happening any time soon either. You guys will never guess who it is, are you thinking? Hmmm....obviously it is someone you'd know of....Give up??? Teddy!!!

Trust me; I was just as surprised as you. Back in January, he texted me out of the blue, apologizing for what happened. He asked how I was and wondered if I'd ever moved to Texas. I replied telling him I was fine and matter-of-factly, let him know that I did move.

I had mixed emotions about the whole situation. I expressed to you all that I liked him and how he vanished. I was upset with him but at the same time, curiosity had gotten the best of me and I wanted an explanation. After we texted a bit that afternoon, he asked me to call him. The conversation that evening was as dry as six month old fruit cake. I knew that my attitude was funking up the call, but at that point he was just asking me questions and not offering up any explanations.

Time went on and we began to get reacquainted with each other. The conversations eventually made their way back to how they were before his disappearing act. After a couple of weeks, he asked if he could take me out. I agreed and we made plans to spend a Saturday afternoon together.

Saturday came and I was nervous as ever. What would he think of me? Would he like me? Would I like him? All types of questions were running through my mind. Thing was, although we started talking early last summer, we had never actually met in person, so the pressure was definitely on my shoulders.

I had agreed to let him pick me up, but I wasn't sure I wanted him to know which exact apartment was mine, so I told him to wait in the car and I'd be down shortly. He showed up fifteen minutes early and I was not ready so he just had to sit out there and wait.

I got to his car and got in and hugged him. He smiled a warm smile and said hello and we headed out for our afternoon of fun. First, went bowling. He had bet me that I wouldn't win a game and if I did he'd take me to the mall, a place that he loathes. I'm happy to report that I won a game and the mall was our next outing of the day.

Teddy was the perfect shopping buddy that day. He held my bags, gave his opinion on a few things I tried on, all without one complaint. If he was trying to win brownie points with me, it was surely working.

Our last stop was dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant. We had a little table in the back of the restaurant, although I still think they put us back there because we were the only black couple there. Okay, I’m getting off track, so back to the story. Over our shared appetizer, he asked me if I was having a good time. I told him that I was and had no idea how the night would go. He said he had been nervous because of how he left things with us; he was unsure of how I’d act on our date. I assured him that I wouldn’t have agreed to go out with him, just to get him in public and embarrass him.

Once our meal arrived, he slowly but surely began to tell me what actually had been the cause of things ending with us. To pretty much sum things up, he began to doubt if he was good enough for me. Past relationships really did a number to his feelings and seeing as though I’d been through the same thing, I forgave him. The fact that he was man enough to apologize and actually admit his insecurities spoke volumes to me.
After that night all the feelings I had for him came rushing back. The hardest part for me when we stopped talking was wondering why things ended considering we got along so well. Things with us are better than I ever imagined before I moved here. We have the best time when we’re together, even if it’s just staying in for the day. I truly feel like in him, I have my soul mate.

I know this is all extra mushy and sometimes I still can’t believe I even feel this way, but I do. I’ve never actually been in love with someone, in a healthy relationship. I am truly thankful that I put my ego aside that day and replied to his text and more so that I agreed to go out with him. It’s funny that you never know what is in store for us, but I am happy that they came together like they did.

So far Teddy has met my sister and I am supposed to meet his mom soon, please keep me in your prayers! Lol!

As for my blogging, I promise to do better. I missed you all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All in the Name of Being Legal

So according to the law down here, you're supposed to obtain a driver's license before sixty days. You'd think that would be plenty of time but it actually slipped away pretty fast.

When I first got down here I was staying in temporary housing. When I finally found a place and got a different job, that was when I had the wisdom tooth issue. After that there never seemed to be time because like most new jobs, there was a probationary period that you couldn't take time off.

My first attempt at getting my driver's license ended after waiting in line for an hour only to be told that I needed an original birth certificate in order to apply. I told the woman I checked the website and I didn't see where it stated I needed a birth certificate. Her response to that was yeah the website is very confusing but it's on there. I left the office mad enough to choke somebody.

I had left a nice amount of my paperwork up north with my mom so she had to mail me my birth certificate. Now she mails me my bills express mail, but my birth certificate she sent regular snail mail. It finally arrives in the mail and I plan to go at some point during the week.

I got lucky when my training class let out early which meant I could head to the Driver's License office. You'd think that there wouldn't be so many people there at 1:00 on a Wednesday afternoon. Oh well, I had to suck it up and get in line.

After standing in line 45 minutes, I produced all the paperwork the woman asked for and felt like I had accomplished a small victory. She directed me to another lady who handed out numbers and after securing my number I went to finally have a seat.

Two hours came and went and I felt like a lottery winner when my number was called, I practically sprinted from my seat. The office didn't accept any type of credit/debit cards just cash and checks. I had my BFF check the website to see how much a new license would cost me and after looking around my car for a $1 in change I had the exact amount $24.

The lady ahead of me was taking forever and the processor in another line took pity on me and said I could step to her counter. I gave her all the paperwork and after her typing a word a minute, she finally had all my info stored into the computer.

"That will be $25," she said. My face was so flushed, you'd have thought I wasn't black. I asked her to repeat that and again she said $25. I leaned in whispering that I thought it was $24. She said yeah it was until about two weeks ago, we got new computers so it went up a dollar. I was screaming all kind of obscenities in my head. I quietly asked her if I could run to the car, to which she loudly asked "WHY?!"

I explained in my most hushed voice that I only had $24 on me. She told me to wait a minute and got up from her seat. She came back with a dollar and told me a story about how she was $1.64 short at Walmart last week and how embarassed she was. Two men in line behind her gave her enough to pay her bill and she wanted to pay it forward by helping me.

I thanked her and ran out of that office. I know that I'm next in line to pay it forward for someone else but man, was I embarassed!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Charger

So Kelley and I as I told you guys are done. But of course it wouldn't be complete without one last story. The last time that I had went to his place I left my wall charger there. I politely asked him if I could have it back and that is when the madness began.

First, he was in agreeance, said we could meet up and he'd give it to me after he was out of church that day. I told him that was fine and I made myself get up so that I'd be dressed and out already when he called. By nine o'clock that night, I realized he wasn't calling. He did later call that night saying that he fell asleep but I was on another call so I didn't answer. You were sleep ALL day? Whatever, I thought.

So he plays this game for a few days while I'm attempting to recover my charger from him. Finally, I grow tired of playing these games with him. I ask him to let me know when I can get my charger and he in true Crazy Kelley form acts psychotic. I decided to retype the texts, I can't paint a true picture, you have to see this for yourself.

CK-You're a joke! DUH!! How u gon ignore me? I'm trying to give you your property. You're too young for your memory to be as bad as it is! You were on a call when I called you...remember?

Me-Yeah that night, you said you'd call me after church.

CK-Ok. I didn't call you after church...but Icalled u and I texted u later! Don't even try it! So, u really don't have a point. Call me when u mature...cause right now, I can't deal with u.


Me-So does that mean I can't have my charger?

CK-You can have your stuff.


CK-After you gimme some.

Me-I may be immature, but I'm not dumb, you're psychotic.

CK-So u admit that ur a little immature? Its ok. Just try n keep it real.

Me-No, I don't admit that.

CK-I'm one person who tries to lift ur spirits when ur a lil down. Don't understand why you wanna give me a hard time? But its kool.

The texting stops and the next day he resumes.

CK-Hey do u want your charger?


CK-I'll get it 2 u tdy


CK-I'll bring it to u

Me-Ok, just tell me where

CK-I can bring it2 ur apart comp, or u can coe get it?

Me-How about I come after work

CK-Sure! Lol...boi I tell ya?

Me-What now?

CK-Nothin. Lol! I was tryin 2 bring it to ya. Cause if u come here, I'm a want to do sumtin.

Me-Hand it to me through the door

CK-Beat it! U trick


CK-Lol...yo ass is straight phony. I did all that to see what was up with u! I know u don't want me to know where you live? I've given u chance after chance to be real with me, and u just won't. Cause you're not. U showed me u weren't reral when u flaked on me when I was hurt

Me-You have a lot of damn nerve, I know that. You and your games are childish and you're older than me. I expected more from someone your age.

CK-Im tird of u taking my niceness for granted! But that's what I get for trying. So, don't worry, I won't contact u again.

Me-Whatever, no one used you nor took you for ganted. You want everything your way and have from day one and that's not how life works.

CK-Now u going to tell me how life works? Ok? Get on out there and you'll see soon enuff??

Me-Yea, I'm telling you. No idea why you call yourself mad and at this point I honestly don't care. You have disrespected me and I don't care to even bother arguing with you. And furthermore, if keeping my charger will make you feel vindcated, then f--- you, keep it, I'm not about to beg you for my stuff.

CK-Lol...ok u win. Now come gimme some, so we can make up!

Me-Go f--- yourself, psycho!

That was the last I heard from him, can I just say once again, that I'm so glad I never told him where I lived!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mr. Squid

So I had a date last night with a guy who was more like a water dwelling, multi-legged creature. He tried his best to make sure at almost every minute possible he was touching me in some shape or form. I've mentioned before that I LOATHE people that are like this. This was ony date number two and he kept trying to put his paws all on me. The first date he was so nervous he barely made eye contact, now that he elevated to night number two, I guess he decided he could be himself.

So Sunday morning, the day of or proposed date, he texted me at 5am talkin about good morning. There is nothing good about 5am, so why are you texing me? I never replied because when I finally did get up I was running behind for church. When I got out of service he had texted me again at 9ish. I replied saying hello. His response was that he was starting to get scared since he hadn't heard from me all day Saturday. Yeah, you didn't hear from me because I told you I had plans.

We met up at Dave and Busters and the plan was that we were gonna play pool. Now our plan had been made earlier in the week and we texted randomly thrughout the week. He tried asking me Friday night if I wanted to see a movie Saturday but I informed him that I already had plans. Well pool turned into eating dinner which turned into him buying a gamecard without even asking me if I wanted to play any games. The pool game wouldn't have been complete without him trying to come behind me and instruct me how to hold the stick. Then after we were done eating he literally pushes my back from the chair so that he can put his arm behind me and starts trying to massage my shoulders, right there in the middle of the pool area!

Finally we used all our game credits and you'd think ok, we'd call it a night right? NOPE! HE wants to just sit in the game room and lay his head on my shoulder. I sat there as long as I could and then I told him it was about time for my tv show to come on, so we'd better get going. His response was that he didn't care about my tv show, then tried to laugh it off.

It's a safe bet that I won't be going out with him again.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crazy Kelley

I'm sure you can tell by the title how this post is going to go. So after the dinner incident, Kelley still remained in contact with me. I even let him convince me to go out to a restaurant. I don’t know why, so don’t even ask.

We drove separate because again, he had something to do before we met up even though he lives less than five minutes away but I'd probably have suggested driving myself anyway. So we meet up at the restaurant and you'd think I was out with a celebrity, he knew so many people there. I was indifferent on how I felt about him chatting it up with everyone while leaving me just standing, waiting to place our order before we sat down.

One guy he knew looked like he had been mummified for the past ten years, really odd-looking. Kelley explained that although his appearance wasn't the hottest that he man was really nice. Mummy man went on to explain to me that he had just went on a date with a woman who said God told her she'd be married at the end of the year. He said that the comment freaked him out because his wife died just three months ago and he was just looking to have fun. When he noted that he was still mending his oh-so-broken heart, he pointed down to his chain and showed me that he wears his and her rings around his neck. I did the whole smile and nod thing and excused myself from the rest of the conversation. I did overhear Kelley tell him he'd find a woman for him.

We finally placed our order and Kelley went to locate a seat while I waited at the bar for my drink. In the meantime he found a chick that he knew and started giggling it up with her. He gave me a brief story about how he introduced her to one of his friends and they ended on a not-so-good note.

The young lady ended up sitting at the table directly behind us, about arm length away. I know it was that close because Kelley kept turning his chatty ass around to talk to her and her date every few minutes. I swear her date got up from the table at least three times and each time, either she or Kelley started talking to each other. By this point, I wanted to excuse myself but I patiently waited for him to finish talking and eating.

After the restaurant, Kelley had a plan that included me spending the night, because he stated that he had plans for me in the morning. I let him in on the fact that I had plans for me too. His plans included him taking me to the gym to work out in the morning. This was the second time he mentioned the gym to me, stating that if I'm going to be with him, I need to get with the routine.

I decided to go to his place to watch a movie and after about ten minutes he gets a call and he's in his bedroom laughing and having a great time. He told the person that he didn't hear his phone ring and how he just walked in the door, even though he was on his cell phone. I told him I was leaving and he still stays in the room finishing up the laugh fest. I finally got the door unlocked myself and he comes running out. He starts hounding me asking me if I'll come back. I left his place and was homebound.

He calls me as soon as I pulled up to my apartment and decides if he talks to me long enough he'd lure me back over but there was no way that was happening. I told him I needed to use the bathroom and that I'd call him back. He insists that I mute the phone instead of ending the call. After arguing about it for a few minutes I put the call on mute and never went back to it.

Kelley started to call and send texts, letting me know how mad he was but at that point, I didn't care anymore. His last text said that he wouldn't ask me to spend the night again. I hope he is true to his word and that he never calls me again. Farewell, Crazy Kelley.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner Plans...Gone Wrong

I met this guy, Kelley, whose a bit older than me a couple weeks ago. He actually tried to "rock" me as he had his arm around me. Do you have a newborn somewhere sir? I am not a baby. He goes on to say, "Oh sorry, I used to rock my daughter like that." Yuck!! Are you thinking about your daughter while I sit here, that's...kinda....gross!

He decided to catch an attitude with me the other day and I actually found it quite funny. We made plans to hang one day and he said at the end of the conversation but don't make plans because I may be able to still see you today. That was the end of the convo. Fast forward to that night and I'm on the phone and watching tv. At one point I heard a beep indicating I had a text and realized I had three texts waiting.

The texts were all from him and he started off asking was I still coming. Um, when did we agree that I was coming over? The next text said "So..... Then the final text said "nevermind then." I wrote him explaining that I was on a call and hadn't gotten the messages and that I wasn't ignoring him. He disagreed saying it felt like that to him. "Yeah okay," I thought. Now by this time it's like 10pm.

So I guess he figured that since I replied, it was dialogue time. He again asked if I was STILL coming when again, we never decided I was. I politely told him we never agreed to it. Then I told him that we could keep with our original plans for tomorrow and asked if that was okay. His response, "Yeah, it's okay. But, I'm gonna pass on tomorrow. I don't like how you handled me."

I just sat there like what the hell just happened here?! So being the sarcastic person that I can sometimes be, I replied, "ok." All that did was add fuel to the fire, he instantly calls me saying that I didn't have to reply to that. Well mister, if you didn't want a response you shouldn't have said anything smart. Then he goes on to explain that he was upset because he had made me dinner and I didn't show up. My thing is, how was I supposed to know you made dinner? He response was that is what surprises are! How do you plan a surprise though when the person doesn't even confirm they're coming?

I declined leaving the house and coming over for his meal. He said "well let me go put all this food away." I just said "alright." I still haven't decided if he is crazy or just made about the effort that he put forth for the dinner plans that went wrong.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sometimes I Miss Her

My junior year in high school I made a friend that I thought would be around forever. We were going strong for nine years until it was time for her to get married. The entire time we'd known each other she was back and forth with the same guy. They eventually had a baby and several years later he proposed to her after breaking up too many times to count.

The breakups were never easy and in fact were always drama-filled. I will never forget one time she called me so upset that she couldn't talk. I jumped in my car, running every possible light I could to get to her. When I got there I found out that he had choked her until she was nearly unconscious. She had his hand marks embedded in her neck as evidence of an argument gone wrong. He had also threatened to cut her hair which went halfway down her back. I was so upset that I cried with her. I called her sister and she thanked me for coming to her aid and gave my friend instructions for what to do if her boyfriend came back. Wouldn’t you know it, a few months go by and she takes him back?

Another breakup included him meeting women on the internet and hanging out with them. One girl in particular was always writing on his page and my friend decided to do some investigating and found info out on the woman. Needless to say, an hour later we were at the apartment of the woman and of course she asked me to drive so that her boyfriend didn’t know her car. It was a very dumb idea to drive her to the suburbs to catch her man cheating. The apartment complex had a guard at the gate and my friend panicked when he asked us who we were going to see and said that he had to call her to announce us. She told the guard no thanks and he politely instructed us to turn around and leave the apartment complex.

By the time we made it back to her house the boyfriend had called to say the guard informed them that a car fitting the description of my car had tried to come to the apartment he was at. His explanation for being over the woman’s house was that because she was a singer and he was a wanna-be producer, there was a legitimate reason to be at her apartment. Again, months go by and he’s back in good with her. But the drama with the other woman isn’t over, she goes to her page and writes how they’ve been together forever and she will always be around and how they have a child together, blah, blah, blah.

There were many more stories I could tell you all but the final story is the most important. My friend found out via phone log stalking that her boyfriend-turned-fiancé had been spending late nights talking to someone on the phone. Was it a surprise that this person turned out to be a woman? I hope not if you are still following the story.

Anyway, she called the woman on the phone and they decided to meet. They met up and the woman told her about how her fiancé had been over several times and even showed my friend a picture he and her had taken a few weeks back. Hearing this story to me sounded like the last and final straw. I thought he was the epitome of scum to cheat while they were participating in marriage counseling at the church.

It was very clear that although he was cheating a month before their wedding that the show was still going on. She had asked me not to tell her family what he had been up to and all I could do was oblige her wishes. When she originally started planning for the wedding she wanted me to stand up as a bridesmaid but at the time I had undergone testing and interviewing working for the government in Virginia and didn’t want to commit to a wedding and was unsure of when the potential job may call.
His latest indiscretion was eating me alive and I flat out asked her why she was still marrying him. Her response was that she believes in divorce and if it didn’t work that she would just divorce him. That comment was by far the dumbest thing she ever said to me.

I attended the bridal shower and wedding bringing the biggest gifts to both events. I even help set up the centerprieces since the hall was slacking and running very much bhind. Things were never really the same after that. In the beginning I was really hurt that our friendship wasn’t right and now we don’t talk at all. The sad part is that I feel she stopped talking to me because I wasn’t in her wedding. It’s not like I just said no, I didn’t want to leave her in a bind if I had to suddenly relocate.

She an I no longer communicate. I was her son’s Godmother. I think the part that bothers me most is that through all he did to her I was there. She took him back continuously after cheating on her and can’t let go of something that was out of my control.

It should come as no surprise that six months later they were separated and she was posting pictures with random guys on FB. Since that they have gotten together only to separate again. I have no idea their marital status at this point and seeing as though we’re no longer friends, it really isn’t my business. Sometimes I miss her but I’ve tried reaching out to her and it never seems to get us any closer to rebuilding our friendship, it’s more of a conversation of what’s been happening and empty promises to see me soon. Losing a friend is never easy but I’ve decided our season is over.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm writing from the airport while I await to board my flight back home. The first thing that I want to say is although I'm really going to miss my loved ones I am not going to miss this five degree weather. This is the kind of cold that literally chills you to your bones!

My visit was fantastic. I had an opportunity to see everyone that I wanted to visit. I stayed with my sister the entire visit minus nye that I spent with the bff. He and I rang in the new year together and I was happy we got to continue our tradition. We talked about a few things that may happen that pertain to he and I this year. According to about 99% of my FB friends, this will be the greatest year yet and I am certainly looking forward to what is in store for me.

Oh I know you guys heard about the clown that tried to blow up the airport! The craziest part is on my way home the police arrested a man on my flight headed here. I was SO thankful that the flight landed safely despite his horrific attempt.

I made some resolutions that I'd like to see happen this year. They are to get my finances in order, which includes paying off two credit cards. I want to take a cruise with the family, work on my relationships, find and join a new church and to work on this book I've been writing for over three years.

One more thing, why has everyone coined the term of 2010 "let's get it"? That phrase is very annoying. Well I am going to gather my things to get ready to board my flight, let's hope this goes smooth!