Thursday, July 29, 2010

You Sit Down All Day

Work has been hell on earth. I am now on day eleven of work. I have never worked eleven straight days in my life. I'm almost used to this zombie-like trance I'm in. I blast my music when I'm in the car to stay alert. I left the other night at 8pm, although I'm supposed to get off at 4:30 and of course my coworker commented on how I was leaving before the group. I want to point out though, that this same coworker comes in at 9:30, so technically, she should stay later than I do anyway.

I was talkin to Teddy yesterday morning and I yawned as he asked me how I was doing. I replied that I was alright, but exhausted. He then went on to ask me why and I went in on him. I decided to reiterate to him that working so many days in a row takes a lot out of you. The next five words that came out of his mouth were like profanity, "you sit down all day." I went off on him, I wanted to say even more than I did but I had to talk myself down. He went on to say that it's not physical like his job. I yelled at him challenging him to tell me that my job wasn't mentally draining, who cares if I sit down in a chair?

I guess he got the point because he backed down from the conversation. I have always been annoyed by folks who comment on those ofo us with desk jobs, like we do nothing. Sometimes I wish I had a job that I didn't have to really use my mind much to get through the day. I hope for Teddy's sake that he never, ever, ever, says anything like that to me again.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Time Escapes Me

I took the GMAT and it was very difficult. I am awaiting to hear from the graduate schools I applied to. There has been no drama at my apartment, other than lightening striking my next door neighbor's outlets and blowing a fuse at her apartment.

Things on the workfront suck at the moment. My office flooded and I had to move to a conference room with a coworker whose office was also flooded. It is also budget time at my job, which means overtime. The only problem with the additional hours is that I'm salaried so I am just getting comp time. I have to work both Saturday and Sunday, this weekend and next.

My family is good, my sister and little brother both now want to move here. The only problem with this is that they both want to live with me. My plan was to use a roomate locator service to help me find a roomie so that I can start building a savings. My sister confronted my idea saying, "you'd rather live with a stranger, than me?" The answer to that question is yes. The reason behind that is not only because she isn't clean, but because of her huge, disobedient dog.

There isn't much else going on with me. Momma Teddy and I have plans to go see the new Julia Robert's movie next month. Oh yeah!! My BFF married Miltary Man. I talked to her today and they are planning to start trying for a baby the next time they see each other, since they are in two different countries at the moment.

I guess I will get ready for bed since I have to be at work at 6am. I hope everyone is well.