Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day Off

I am at home typing this post this chilly Tuesday morning. You see, I went in to work this morning and started running reports. My supervisor asked me if I had today off because she thought I did. I told her no, I had a few days off last week but not today.

About five minutes later she comes back saying that I had been suspended and asked if I had read the write-up they gave me. I told her no, I hadn't. So to be evil, they suspended me on a Tuesday rather than yesterday because why let me enjoy a 3 day weekend.

The joke was definitely on her, I said oh okay, laughed and packed up my things. Now I get to enjoy the comfort of home and take care of some business.

I got some not-so-great news yesterday. A job that I am contemplating accepting came back with a salary amount and I am very displeased. I'm not sure if I should just take it because its getting my foot in the door and it is a full time, permanent position or if I should just try to find temporary work so that I have time to look for other jobs.

It was suggested to me that I just keep doing what I have been and I've gotten two offers so far so there is a possibility that if I wait it out at my job a bit longer that I will find a better paying job and then I can relocate with ease. I'm not sure if its my determination or my disdain to stay at my job longer than I can tolerate.

At this moment, I have no idea what to do but I really don't believe that at the rate I'm going that I can last much longer at my job without getting fired or incarcerated.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I had a very long and tiring weekend. Two of my siblings had birthdays so this weekend was all about family. Teddy went to an away football game, so by the time he got in at 2am, I was knocked out. He did let me know he was home though, which I thought was nice.

I found myself really missing him Saturday. Sunday he texted me to see what I was up to but I was with family so I agreed to call him later. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and told him that I really missed not talking to him. He said that he missed me too. It felt liberating actually telling someone how I felt without the fear of losing myself.

So last night he got me really excited about this week. This will be the week that I officially give notice to clear out of here. It is going to be all sweet, no bitterness at all, well not on my part anyway. Any suggestions on what to say. I was thinking....

Dear Sup,
cc:Dragon Lady

I quit! My last day will be ________.


Do you guys think that's too wordy?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Die Already

If you thought this post was about Dragon Lady and my supervisor then you're wrong, lol! No, this post is about the wretched gnats that won't die. I have bug bombed the house two times in the last month and they just won't die. I have flying insect spray that I use but it just seems to empower them to live longer, I have no idea how to be rid of these annoying suckers.

Before my brother came to stay here with me, I was gnat-free. Now all of a sudden, they just won't die. He leaves take-out containers on the table for days and just sits his dishes on the counter. I don't have to tell you that I can't wait to get the hell out of this house. The countdown is just about to begin.

He has been acting like a brat about the fact that he has to move out once I'm gone. If he was more responsible, he'd probably get more time here but he isn't, so he has to go. He's been here since July and hasn't bought one roll of tissue, one bar of soap, nor paper towel..see where I'm going with this?

I have began selling furniture and each time he comes home and notices something is missing he comments how soon he'll be sleeping on the floor. My next mission is to sell the stove, fridge and dishwasher.

He has less than a month to find a place and he is being picky about apartment complexes, stating that he doesn't want to "get shot". At this point, he will have a better chance of being shot if he is homeless because he's to saddity to settle for what he can afford now and let me just throw in that he delivers pizza for a living. Now, no offense to anyone who may deliver pizzas but his income is not at the level where he can pick and choose at this moment.

I took three days off work and today I spent 312 minutes on the phone with B.lackberry trying to get my new phone issues resolved. I pretty much wasted today but I took care of business yesterday and I will do a few more things tomorrow.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In A Relationship...

So I'm sure this topic has been discussed in Blogland, maybe even by one you but I possibly missed it. This topic is in reference to FB relationship statuses.

The other night Teddy and I were talking about this topic and I wondered how you all felt about it. Personally, I have only been in a couple relationships since hitting the FB scene. I'm really private when it comes to everyone knowing all my business so I took off the relationship line totally.

When I was with this last Ex, he had originally wanted to put in a relationship but I talked him out of it and he deleted the relationship line totally as well. I was always reluctant to put up pictures of us because we had a lot of common friends and again, I didn't want the world looking at our relationship nor trying to cause problems.

After telling Teddy that I didn't put up pics of the Ex originally I began to feel bad about some of my actions with him. I'm thinking of asking him to lunch to talk before I leave for TX.

The next relationship I enter I am going to be more open to his feelings and needs. I realized that because I wasn't feeling my relationship with the Ex 100% I wasn't giving it my all and that wasn't fair to either one of us. Relationships are about compromise and trying to keep the other person happy without losing yourself. I believe that I have learned alot over this past year, I honestly feel like I've grown and I'm ready for this next phase in life.

When talking with Teddy he said he wasn't pressed about the whole relationship status either way. I thought that was a small sigh of relief, however we got into talking again about the posting of pics. My thing with that is that although you don't have it posted that you're in a relationship, if your constantly adding pics of the two of you together, isn't that showing what is going on without saying it?

I think that these trivial things sometimes blow up to unwanted drama. After breaking up with the Ex I was grateful I hadn't put the relationship status because I have seen first hand how nosey and insensitive people are when someone's relationship ends.

I know I'm thinking way too much on this because ultimately, the relationship itself is more important than any statuses, comments or opinions from anyone else.

So I'm interested in hearing everyone's take on this topic and/or experiences.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Outside Myself

Unfortunately, I didn’t hold it together as well as I wanted to in my meeting today with Dragon Lady, the sup and union rep.

As I figured, they wanted to call me to a meeting to reiterate what they asked in the emails, basically chastising me about the emails. I told them that I felt like I was being hassled and how everything that I did was under scrutiny and that I hated coming to work and something had to change and soon.

My supervisor said that I didn’t have common sense when it came to office practices and I lit into her. I told them that the meeting was pointless because I know that the write up is coming. I also told them if they thought I was so incompetent then they should fire me because I am tired of them finding little things to complain about.

Another thing they pointed out was that Wimp asked me to type up a form for him. I typed the form and emailed him saying that I had the form ready in my office when he was ready. They said I was being disrespectful expecting him at his title to come and get anything from me and I should have taken it to him. My reply was, “Yeah, cause I was asking him to fetch it huh? I must be so insignificant that I can run stuff all around but he’s too good? He comes down for anything else. If he had a problem with getting work from an amoeba like me, he should have said so.”

I relayed to them that in seven years of working for my company, you are the only two who have ever had a problem with me. Everything I do is wrong, and if I’m so useless and you want to get rid of me just fire me because I’m tired of being harassed.

Dragon Lady said that she wanted me to say I’d do better. I honestly couldn’t say it, felt like making a deal with the devil. I’m getting written up anyway, not about to kiss her a$$.

The union rep was really sweet; she kept trying to calm me down. She spoke during the meeting asking what harm the lack of copying did and my boss said that it wasn’t what happened but what “could have” happened. After the meeting, the union rep came in my office and she told me about how God never gives us more than we can handle. That was somewhat comforting but I just wanted to leave for the day.

So I know that soon enough I will be away from here. As the countdown nears, I am going to seek opinions on what to include in my two week notice. I know that somewhere someone likes their job, one day, I’d like to be one of those people.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think Therefore I Am

I am really trying to be positive this morning. It seems that as soon as I start to build up money something happens. The latest little fiasco is that on Labor Day it rained hard and fast. I remembered to let my windows of my car up thankfully, but I didn't remember to let up the sunroof.

On top of wet seats, my car has a smelly odor. That means that this weekend I will have to get it shampooed which will be about $100. Over the weekend I got something fixed on my car called "Control Arms" and that cost me $400. The car repair was a necessity, there was no way my car waws equipped to make a 24 hour drive the way it was functioning. Then my phone broke and is literally hanging by the hinges so I had to order a new one. It was time for my renewal anyway so I got somewhat of a deal although I still had to come out of pocket.

The good thing is that I have sold a couple of items and I may actually balance out even but we'll see. I have someone who wants to buy my couch and loveseat this weekend. She also may be interested in my bedroom set so that'd be a plus. Now ask me what I'd sleep on in the meantime and I'll tell you I have no idea yet, lol!

Today the Singles Ministry at my church kicks back into full gear and today's topic is s.e.x. This will make for very interesting conversation, I'm already sure of it. The Pastor will be facilitating and he's hilarious on regular topics so this one won't disappoint.

I will stay optimistic that today will be a good day. I will begin the countdown soon, I am so anxious to be out of here.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


So my supervisor came in my office about an hour ago telling me that Dragon Lady would like to meet with me to discuss my poor work performance last week. It took everything in me to not throw the lamp on my desk.

I had spoken with the union rep Friday after all those emails so she and I had plans to meet Thursday. Well I called her today to tell her about this meeting they want to have and she advised me to email them saying I wanted union representation.

I've been with my company over seven years and although I pay union dues bi-weekly, I've never had to use them. I feel mad and cornered. They are trying to make me out to be incompetant over some stupid a$$ emails. Not like the work wasn't done. The more I think about it, the more pissed I am.

After sending the email to them about my wanting a rep there, I wanted to email them my two week notice. I called my dad, my clear-thinking conscience. He said not to let them mess up my plans and the reason I chose the date I had was because I wanted to have a certain amount of savings and I should stick to that date.

It is going to take everything in me to stay here until then. One of my BFF's counted down for me that its only 16 more work days before my notice. That seems small but then again, so far from now.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Today has been one very stressful day for me. Dragon Lady and my supervisor are both tag-teaming me with emails that are to cause trouble for me. Here's an example of one:


I received this email from Wimp and I don't see where you copied Dragon Lady or me on the original communication that you sent to Wimp and Nice Guy regarding Employee A's FMLA Notification. Your instructions include a requirement that you copy Dragon Lady and me when you forward. Please explain.

I have no idea how to reply to this email. It has been sitting in my inbox for a couple hours. The other email from her is similar and the email from Dragon Lady is asking why I never replied to an email from JUNE although the work itself was done, no email was sent.

In both cases the work was done on time and correct but they want to gripe about a damn email. I'm just mad. I work with the pettiest bit$#es on earth. I am almost convinced I am changing my last day to sooner than I originally planned. I don' t know how much more I can take from them before I let them know how I really feel.