Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Think Therefore I Am

I am really trying to be positive this morning. It seems that as soon as I start to build up money something happens. The latest little fiasco is that on Labor Day it rained hard and fast. I remembered to let my windows of my car up thankfully, but I didn't remember to let up the sunroof.

On top of wet seats, my car has a smelly odor. That means that this weekend I will have to get it shampooed which will be about $100. Over the weekend I got something fixed on my car called "Control Arms" and that cost me $400. The car repair was a necessity, there was no way my car waws equipped to make a 24 hour drive the way it was functioning. Then my phone broke and is literally hanging by the hinges so I had to order a new one. It was time for my renewal anyway so I got somewhat of a deal although I still had to come out of pocket.

The good thing is that I have sold a couple of items and I may actually balance out even but we'll see. I have someone who wants to buy my couch and loveseat this weekend. She also may be interested in my bedroom set so that'd be a plus. Now ask me what I'd sleep on in the meantime and I'll tell you I have no idea yet, lol!

Today the Singles Ministry at my church kicks back into full gear and today's topic is s.e.x. This will make for very interesting conversation, I'm already sure of it. The Pastor will be facilitating and he's hilarious on regular topics so this one won't disappoint.

I will stay optimistic that today will be a good day. I will begin the countdown soon, I am so anxious to be out of here.


Young woman on a journey said...

the day will be a good day. and don't let these little hinges get to you cause you are moving towards your dream! yaaay!

Nina said...

i want to be sitting front and center with that

yes, if its not one thing, its another, but you're strong. you'll pull through! :)