Monday, November 23, 2009

The Visit Plus More

Time has slipped away since I've gotten here. I wake up at 6am and get home around 6pm. Traffic has been the only con to my move, I thought NY traffic was crazy until..

My sister got in yesterday and my ex left Saturday. Our visit had both ups and downs but ended on a very good note. I'm still unsure of what is happening between us but I missed US.

Work has still been going well. Friday I was “reminded” of how great I am at Excel and I had to fish a formula out of the millions of possible options and surprised even myself with the perfect equation. I was sent four emails from a lady who decided that she would like read reciepts, there is something about agreeing to them that irks me.

I got my ex to assemble the tv that my apartment gave me as a part of signing my lease and it was defective. The chick at the leasing office was acting like a real snob about me getting a replacement set, I think she felt somehow it was coming out of her pocket. Nonetheless, they gave me a tv and it works perfect!

Last Sunday I went to church with a new friend that was introduced to me by S23. She was really nice and I got to meet some of her family and enjoyed breakfast together. I have been really blessed to continously meet people who go above and beyond to make my new home more enjoyable.

I will be catching up on blog reading this week, I feel so out of the loop!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Times

The past few days have been a blur. Work has been going great. My entire office has been friendly, three different people welcomed me with a hug. Being that you all know I'm not the most affectionate person, I took the hugs in stride. The picture attached is what my supervisor made me. She actually admitted she went to "Clown College," but she did it to become a volunteer at different agencies.

We somehow got on the subject of cooking and I mentioned how I loved baking. I never made anything for my last office but the office I was in before working with the Dragon Lady was treated often to my hobby. I definitely intend on trying out a few new recipes I found on my new office.

One lady sees to it that I get home every night, she's so motherly. She has shared a lot about herself and her family as well as about different people in the office. I like that I don't feel like she's prying when she asks me about different things. Once I feel like someone is just being nosey and overwhelming me with questions, I basically do all I can to discontinue communication.

Hm...what else? Oh my ex that was also my bff and I reconnected. I got in touch with him a week before I came down here. We had a great week after we talked through a lot of issues and have been talking ever since. He is coming to visit me Friday and I'm excited. I'm not thinking anything into the future, we live hundreds and hundreds of miles away. It will just be nice to see him. I hope that I don't want to strangle him by the time he leaves after his week-long visit. It's been brought to my attention that I tend to show people inadvertently that they're getting on my nerves.

My sister will be getting in the day after he leaves. She will hang out here with me for the week and we fly back home together for Thanksgiving. Going from Eastern to Central time, then having Daylights saving has got my body all out of whack. I am trying to get adjusted to the timing because it seems just wrong going to bed at eight.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since I've Been Gone

I will try to keep this short as possible but a lot has been going on. So Saturday morning I dropped my dad off at the airport. I was going a bit stir-crazy being in the hotel with him for so many days but as the time neared for him to leave, I began to get sad.

As we approached the airport he gave me a talk of reassurance which he said that I would be blessed with this move and to always pay my tithes. He told me how proud I made him and how I'd succeed at anything I that I attempt. I tried not to cry but I couldn't help it. I got out the car and ran over to his side to hug him goodbye.

I hate to admit it but this daddy's girl cried the whole ride back to the hotel. I texted him thanking him again for driving down the 20 hours with me and for helping me drive and all the support.

I had gotten a sew-in weave and it had drove me crazy since the first night. I scratched until I couldn't scratch any more and decided to take it out. The reason I got the hair is because I didn't want finding a new hair stylist to be a pressing issue for me since I had so many other things to do to get settled in.

After getting my hair done I went to move the rest of my things into the dorm. I saw a couple of other women who were staying there, one white lady and two black women about my age. I spoke to them and they were so dry. The white lady actually offered to help me carry my things in so I gladly accepted her offer.

I went to orientation on Monday and thats when I found out that they don't allow cell phones and we could only wear certain colors. On top of that, we could only carry $2 maximum and we couldn't use umbrellas so I was forced to wear a poncho in pouring down rain. Although I knew working at a prison would come with restrictions, giving up my phone was the worse rule of all that was being thrusted upon me.

The men stared and made comments and I was even told by one of the employees that the men at my prison unit would "love me." That comment made my skin crawl. I met a lady who happened to live across the street from the dorm I stayed in and her offering to let me carpool turned into me driving her because her van suddenly broke. She insisted upon chatting the entire drive which included asking me 50 questions and telling me that her daughter wanted to be Michelle Obama for Halloween. The conversation ended on a quiet note when she said her husband advised against the daughter being Mrs.Obama because of all the Nazis in the area. That made me feel like wow, I have to wear my black mask every day, maybe I need to hurry and move.

Wednesday morning I woke up to excruciating pain and a swollen face. Turns out my wisdom tooth was the culprit. I drove to orientation slowly, trying not to focus on my tooth. A nurse in the class asked was I alright and I told her I wasn't feeling good, she pointed out my face being double the size on one side. They referred me to a dentist and I headed there. The dentist referred me to a specialist who quoted me a price of approximately $800 for the extraction.

Thursday I got a job offer from the company that I left two days early to come down here to interview for which was for a better position and higher salary. I was thrilled! I accpeted the offer. Now I had to come up with an explanation for quitting and find somewhere to live because I was pretty sure once you quit a place, they don't let you continue to use their perks like housing.

Friday I had a mission to find an apartment. Not only did I find one, but they offered a 32inch tv for signing the lease. I moved my things in Saturday and yesterday. I told the lady that recruited me that I would be resigning. She was in shock but was nice nonetheless. I also got my wisdom tooth pulled. I am on pain meds so that is how I am able to fill you guys in on what has been going on. I am trying to recover and take care of business before my new job starts Monday.