Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rude Awakening

The other night I was awakened by a man yelling. It took me a minute to fumble for my glasses and process what was going on. “I want my money mf-er!” Startled, I froze as I attempted to figure out where the shouts were coming from. “Man, I’m not playing with you, give me my shit"

I looked out my bedroom window to see that the noise was coming from the apartment across the way from mine. As the guy continued to yell, he grew more upset, his tone getting louder and his body language shifting. Immediately, I decided to call the police because I didn’t want the situation to escalate any further. It sounded as though thunder was in the sky as he pounded on the door.

The 911 operator asked me a million questions, including my name and phone number. What happened to the days of anonymity? I wondered. As I answered the numerous questions the operator threw out, the man pulled the screen off the window of the apartment. I sat there wondering what was next and how many more questions I’d have to answer in order to have the police dispatched. She asked my cross streets and if my apartment had a gate code. I told her that it did and she asked me the code. How should I know, I wondered to myself, I have a gate pass, I never use it… I had the code in my cell phone so I went to the password keeper on my phone.

I had my eyes glued on the guy and that apartment the entire time and I had finally got my passwords to give the dispatcher the gate code when the man kicked in the front window and ran in the apartment. At that point, all I heard was a woman screaming at the top of her lungs. I panicked at that point and told the operator to hurry because I had no idea what he was doing to her. She asked me if he had a weapon and I said not that I could tell.
Next, he came out of the apartment with a cell phone and threw it over the balcony and went back inside. A couple minutes later he emerged from the apartment in an angry rage. The dispatcher asked me to describe him and as I told her what he had on, I noticed that he was barefoot. After the commotion was over another young guy runs from the apartment, continuously looking over his shoulder.

The operator was finally finished with the inquisition and said that officers would be there shortly. Next, I called Teddy talking a million miles a minute waking him from his sleep, telling him what had been going on. As always he made me feel better, my heart had been racing the entire time. Of course by the time that the police arrived, the guy was gone. The police spoke to the woman who lived in the apartments and picked up fragments from the busted phone on the sidewalk.
The girl’s family members eventually arrived and I tried to do my best to get some rest since I had to work in the morning. Saying that I can’t wait to move is a huge understatement.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Over My Head

I feel like I'm in over my head. I've tentively scheduled myself to take the GMAT a little over a month from today. I have dabbled in the review books but now is the time to crack down.

I opened one review guide I had yet to look over and felt like it was written in Japanese. I have never been too good at taking standardized tests and this test is so overwhelming. The thought of sitting for hours solving word problems that look like paragraphs has me petrified.

I know that the only thing that I can do to prepare is to study. When I was online earlier looking at the GMAT site, they stated that most people study between three to six months! I'm only giving myself a solid month, what am I doing?!

My plan is to register tomorrow so that I can get the date I need next month. The grad school application deadline is August 1st so it's pretty much take the test next month or wait yet another year to attempt starting grad school. I have been putting off this test for years and wasting time.

I have to put myself on a schedule and buckle down. I can't see letting another year passing me by, I feel so complacent just working.

Okay enough complaining, thanks for listening.

Friday, June 4, 2010

MY Sandwich!!

This morning I came into work and put my fruit in the refrigerator. I try to not eat my breakfast immediately so that I have an even amount of time between breakfast and lunch.

Finally I was ready to go grab my milk that I had brought in the day before so that I could have my cereal. I frantically searched the refrigerator. I even had Double and OM come help me look, but to no avail, my milk was gone.

My next step was the office shakedown. I went office to office asking my coworkers had they seen my milk. There was fire spewing from my flared nostrils, how dare someone drink MY SHIT! No one would accept responsibility for taking my milk, although I saw it in there this morning and I knew it was there. I even asked my boss who said that if by chance it was in her trash that she had been set up.

Defeated, I headed to the cafe' in our building and grabbed a muffin. I went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water and that's where I ran into a coworker that hadn't been questioned. She asked was everything okay and I told her no becauase someone had drank my milk. Her next question was what was it in?

At that point I knew she was the culprit. She thought, that she too had brought milk in a water bottle and that she must have forgotten it was in there. I wanted to take her smiling face and smash it in as she nervously laughed from the irony that she thought it was hers.

My BFF told me not to get fired over drank milk! I know JUST how Ross felt!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Too Many

Friday I went out with the coworkers to have a delicious Mexican meal. I, however, forgot to tell Office Mom that I was going to be leaving the office later because I was going to follow our other coworker to the restaurant. OM was more than annoyed with me and decided to tell me so as I called her from my car.

I apologized to OM once I made it to the table and all was forgiven and we sealed the misunderstanding with a hug. We made it just in time to enjoy a couple drinks from the happy hour menu.

After a couple of margaritas, coworker, Let's call her Double, because she's two-faced, decided to tell me what kinda thoughts had been running through that huge forehead of hers. Just to recap, this is the same coworker mentioned here, well I tried to link the story but since it isn't working, I wrote about her on 12/17/09. So anyway, she let's me know that after having a little liquid courage she can know that she is tired of helping me with my problem areas.

I went off, asking her WHO THE F*&@ was I supposed to ask?! She had nerve to ask if I just cussed her. Hell yeah, I cussed you Double, I'm tired of your fake ass. I then proceeded to tell her that it is far and few between that I need her but on the off chance that I do, she should be willing to help me. She admitted that I do rely on her a lot less.

The evening went pretty much downhill from there. OM and Double ended up getting into it about something that Double confided in OM about. We left dinner just as a thunderstorm started to roll in. I made it home quickly and Double even called to make sure I made it to the right freeway.

I called Teddy to let him know I had made it home safely. It appeared that my buzz decided to kick in once I laid down in bed.I babbled for what felt like forever until I started dozing off. Teddy told me to get some sleep and he'd see me in the morning.

When we went to breakfast the next morning, Teddy informed me that I was "off the hook" the night before. Sadly, I could not remember all that I said. I kicked myself a couple of times Saturday as he mentioned several things I told him during my drunken stupor. Part of me wanted to know what all I said, but the other part said forget it.