Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cross Your Fingers

There is something in the works that I hope comes to pass. I will update you all soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I decided to fight my supervisor and boss about them writing me up. I have contacted the union and we are going to file a grievance. I know that this will not make things at work any better but at the moment, I can't see things being any worse.

After the vacation I plan to take next month, I will have one day left that has to be used by the end of July. According to company's policy, they will have to give me that day. Other than that, my plan is to not take any more vacation days and I will just let them pay me for those days and will put that money towards my moving fund.

This means that when I finally do go down to put a deposit on an apartment, that I will have to make a strictly weekend trip, from Friday after work until Sunday. Speaking of apartments, I found an apartment complex yesterday that I fell in love with so my mission is to become a resident there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Manic Monday

My morning started off an hour too early. Some howling dog made it impossible for me to sleep. When I finally did drift back off to sleep it was only for like ten minutes and I was really annoyed. I wanted to find that dog and smack him.

Once I got up, magically he had stopped all the noise. My mother is such the morning person and she greeted me with a "GOOD MORNING!" All I could do was grumble and start getting ready for work.

The supervisor from hell is back today and she has yet to reply to my email. I already know that this is going to be some drama. I'd rather hear a no, than to be kept in limbo. She has been making all the conversation with me too which is ticking me off even more.

Last night I watched the ten best moments on Bridezilla and I was so happy that they finally took my suggestion of doing updates. I hate to say it but there was one of the couples they highlighted that was now divorced and that got a cheer out of me. I'm not saying that divorce is good but that couple just was not right for each other. I can't believe how some of the women act on that show and yet I stayed tuned faithfully every week.

I have been playing the Wii Fit and I love it. Well everything but when you step on the scale and she says "OH!" She's a real smart @$$ but it's really helpful. I've been trying to encourage my family to get more active and eat better. According to the game, they are all obese and I just want them healthy.

Last night my sister asked me what has been up with me. I told her nothing much really. She said that I've been really withdrawn. What she sees as withdrawn I see as alone time, sometimes I need that. You'd think with everyone having cable in their room that I wouldn't have to fight them for the livingroom since the bedroom I'm in doesn't have cable, but thats not true.

I cleaned the kitchen yesterday after The Marrying Man and his other half and my neices all left. I swear every dish in the house was dirty. My sister had offered to help but she said later. I told her I'd leave her some then. I called her later to ask if she'd still help but she didn't reply so I just finished up.

It's been hard getting myself settled in and somewhat unpacked because I'm always cleaning up behind other grown folks. The countdown has begun until they move and while my parents don't bother me, my sister is just lazy as hell.

Friday, June 5, 2009


I know I should be happy that it's Friday and I am. But I just wanna get something off my chest that has me mad this morning. My supervisor is off this week at a conference. She has been checking her emails because I have gotten responses on emails that I was copied on.

Well I sent her an email requesting time off next month, but do you think she replied? Of course not. I have never worked in a department that pitched such a fit about time off. The company gives us the amount of vacation time that they feel we deserve per year. So what I want to know is why is it that my department thinks they can regulate that?

I'm mad because the tickets that I had been looking at went up $150. I would have just booked the tickets but after they played me last time, I knew better. There has to be someone that I can talk to about this bs. I think that its time to really get to know my union rep.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nerves of Steel

I don't know where people get their nerves from, I really don't. Last night I went to bed around 11pm. I had spent two hours cleaning my "new" bathroom at my parents and the bleach had me light-headed. After watching a bit of I'm A Celebrity...I played Wii for a bit, took a shower and hopped in bed.

At first I thought I was delusional but then reality snapped into play when I realized that the noise I heard was my cell phone ringing. Couldn't have been the wrong number because my voice mail chime went off soon after. Unsure of the time, I rationalized that since I was good and sleep it had to be late but was too lazy to see who was calling or what time it was.

I forgot to mention that I talked to Mover last night. He asked when he was going to see me and I asked when he was off. He said that he was off today and I told him we'd make plans to meet up after I got off work.

Okay, now back to the story at hand. So this morning when I woke up I looked at my Caller ID to see who had called. It was Mover....I still haven't even checked the voice mail and unless he was calling to tell me he had just been involved in a fatal car accident or his house was on fire, there was no justification for calling me at 3AM!

Now I've pretty much decided that not only will I not see him today but I think I'm done talking to him. Maybe I'm being harsh but I just thought that was very rude.

The next person with nerves is, drumroll sister. How'd you guess? Yes, this morning she had the nerve to get mad at me because I didn't wake her up for work this morning. My mom usually wakes her up and she is out of town. You're a grown woman, wake yourself up!! I told her to just go ahead and get dressed and go late. She explained to me that calling in sick was better at her job than coming in late, I am so working at the wrong place. Then she went on to further say that she didn't have any clean clothes anyway, so she'd just take the day off. How is it that you knew you had to go to work and have no clean clothes?

I guess there are some situations and people that I am not meant to understand.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Balding and My Move

As you can tell by now, there always seems to be a story whenever I do something. So Saturday was moving day. The man called to confirm and to tell me they were running a bit behind. I said that was fine because I had a few things to do before they arrived.

He actually ended up only being about fifteen minutes late when he originally projected an hour. After looking around my apartment he tells me I had more stuff than he thought, then stated that they weren't going to be able to dump the things I didn't want for free but that it'd be an additional $50. I told him that wasn't what we agreed upon but whatever and I wasn't going to pay to have the stuff dumped, I'd take it with me. He shows me a contract for us to both sign and then asks for payment. I told him there was no way I was paying him before he even started. He said fine, can I have a portion then? I agreed and signed the contract. I went downstairs to make sure there was indeed a truck and gave him a portion of the money.

Balding, which is what I will refer to him as, said he wanted to run to the store to get something to drink and asked if I wanted anything. I declined and he left, leaving behind two guys to begin bringing my stuff downstairs.

When Balding returned, he helped out for about twenty minutes and then told me that a friend of his had gotten a flat tire and needed help. He said it wasn't far and he'd be back. At this point I asked him about the charge of rates and wanting to know was it per hour or what. Although I know he and I signed on a rate, I wanted to be sure he wasn't trying to scam me. Balding assured me it was a flat rate he gave me no matter how long it took.

Everything was getting moved out of my apartment at a steady pace for quite a bit and then movement stopped. I went downstairs and the two men were eating lunch. Now I know I was hungry but hell, I wasn't having lunch, why should they? That is when I discovered that Balding was still gone with the truck.

Two and a half hours later he returned. I came downstairs with hell in my eyes and he offered to dispose of the things that he originally quoted me the additionally $50 for free. I agreed and they got back to work. In true procrastinator fashion, he decides to try to rush the two men that he had left behind at my apartment. I told the workers how funny it was that he had been gone all that time but wanted to come back trying to rush them.

They finished up moving and got me to my parents house. I paid them and even gave my number to one of the delivery guys. I know, I know, but he asked and he was good-looking. I've since talked to him a couple times and really don't see that anywhere, not that I want it to. Just looking to hang out until I can relocate.

Leaving my empty apartment, I have to admit I was sad. That was my first place alone and it had me thinking how close to reality my relocating really is. It was bittersweet but I'm happy that my plans are coming together.

After being officially moved in yesterday, my sister and I got into it twice. Pray for me everybody, its going to be a long month being there with her. She decided to move next month, so I'm very thankful for that.

There's another guy that I met from Texas before I met Toot but I cut him off. Well he had asked me for another chance and I obliged. I'm glad that I did, he hasn't disappointed thus far. He asked me to come down for an event in July and I told him that I would. We've been talking via webcam, so that's a nice plus. What were we doing before all this new technology came about?

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have tons of post having to live with my sister this month. Oh and Toot texted me today and apologized for breaking my no-call rule but that he wanted to say hi. Don't worry..I'm not falling back into that with him.