Monday, June 1, 2009

Balding and My Move

As you can tell by now, there always seems to be a story whenever I do something. So Saturday was moving day. The man called to confirm and to tell me they were running a bit behind. I said that was fine because I had a few things to do before they arrived.

He actually ended up only being about fifteen minutes late when he originally projected an hour. After looking around my apartment he tells me I had more stuff than he thought, then stated that they weren't going to be able to dump the things I didn't want for free but that it'd be an additional $50. I told him that wasn't what we agreed upon but whatever and I wasn't going to pay to have the stuff dumped, I'd take it with me. He shows me a contract for us to both sign and then asks for payment. I told him there was no way I was paying him before he even started. He said fine, can I have a portion then? I agreed and signed the contract. I went downstairs to make sure there was indeed a truck and gave him a portion of the money.

Balding, which is what I will refer to him as, said he wanted to run to the store to get something to drink and asked if I wanted anything. I declined and he left, leaving behind two guys to begin bringing my stuff downstairs.

When Balding returned, he helped out for about twenty minutes and then told me that a friend of his had gotten a flat tire and needed help. He said it wasn't far and he'd be back. At this point I asked him about the charge of rates and wanting to know was it per hour or what. Although I know he and I signed on a rate, I wanted to be sure he wasn't trying to scam me. Balding assured me it was a flat rate he gave me no matter how long it took.

Everything was getting moved out of my apartment at a steady pace for quite a bit and then movement stopped. I went downstairs and the two men were eating lunch. Now I know I was hungry but hell, I wasn't having lunch, why should they? That is when I discovered that Balding was still gone with the truck.

Two and a half hours later he returned. I came downstairs with hell in my eyes and he offered to dispose of the things that he originally quoted me the additionally $50 for free. I agreed and they got back to work. In true procrastinator fashion, he decides to try to rush the two men that he had left behind at my apartment. I told the workers how funny it was that he had been gone all that time but wanted to come back trying to rush them.

They finished up moving and got me to my parents house. I paid them and even gave my number to one of the delivery guys. I know, I know, but he asked and he was good-looking. I've since talked to him a couple times and really don't see that anywhere, not that I want it to. Just looking to hang out until I can relocate.

Leaving my empty apartment, I have to admit I was sad. That was my first place alone and it had me thinking how close to reality my relocating really is. It was bittersweet but I'm happy that my plans are coming together.

After being officially moved in yesterday, my sister and I got into it twice. Pray for me everybody, its going to be a long month being there with her. She decided to move next month, so I'm very thankful for that.

There's another guy that I met from Texas before I met Toot but I cut him off. Well he had asked me for another chance and I obliged. I'm glad that I did, he hasn't disappointed thus far. He asked me to come down for an event in July and I told him that I would. We've been talking via webcam, so that's a nice plus. What were we doing before all this new technology came about?

That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have tons of post having to live with my sister this month. Oh and Toot texted me today and apologized for breaking my no-call rule but that he wanted to say hi. Don't worry..I'm not falling back into that with him.


Young woman on a journey said...

i can't wait for the stories in your parents house.

um...that delivery man sounds hilarious.

Trish said...

YW-LOL! I wish that it could be smooth sailing but it won't be. The delivery man was a clown! I wouldn't recommend him to any of my friends.

Miss.Stefanie said...

That guy is hilarious!

Nina said...

that was nice..

your sis is crazy...thank goodness she's outta there soon...

and yes, can't wait for your texas stories!

Trish said...

Stef-People are crazy, I swear.

Nina-Yes, my sister is and she seems to be alright with it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you checked your boxes to make sure that Balding hadn't been rumaging through them.