Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nerves of Steel

I don't know where people get their nerves from, I really don't. Last night I went to bed around 11pm. I had spent two hours cleaning my "new" bathroom at my parents and the bleach had me light-headed. After watching a bit of I'm A Celebrity...I played Wii for a bit, took a shower and hopped in bed.

At first I thought I was delusional but then reality snapped into play when I realized that the noise I heard was my cell phone ringing. Couldn't have been the wrong number because my voice mail chime went off soon after. Unsure of the time, I rationalized that since I was good and sleep it had to be late but was too lazy to see who was calling or what time it was.

I forgot to mention that I talked to Mover last night. He asked when he was going to see me and I asked when he was off. He said that he was off today and I told him we'd make plans to meet up after I got off work.

Okay, now back to the story at hand. So this morning when I woke up I looked at my Caller ID to see who had called. It was Mover....I still haven't even checked the voice mail and unless he was calling to tell me he had just been involved in a fatal car accident or his house was on fire, there was no justification for calling me at 3AM!

Now I've pretty much decided that not only will I not see him today but I think I'm done talking to him. Maybe I'm being harsh but I just thought that was very rude.

The next person with nerves is, drumroll please....my sister. How'd you guess? Yes, this morning she had the nerve to get mad at me because I didn't wake her up for work this morning. My mom usually wakes her up and she is out of town. You're a grown woman, wake yourself up!! I told her to just go ahead and get dressed and go late. She explained to me that calling in sick was better at her job than coming in late, I am so working at the wrong place. Then she went on to further say that she didn't have any clean clothes anyway, so she'd just take the day off. How is it that you knew you had to go to work and have no clean clothes?

I guess there are some situations and people that I am not meant to understand.


LipstickOne said...


3am!! what the hay? that's too late even for a booty call....

and ummm, i wanna slap your sis.

Trish said...

Lipstick-Yeah, I don't know that he was thinking, especially since we JUST met Saturday. And my sis def needs a smack, a hit on the head, something...

Young woman on a journey said...

wow. both of them do have the nerve. and you need to not speak to homeboy at all cause no matter what his intention is, that shit is unacceptable.

Trish said...

YW- Okay, so I guess I'm not overreacting then. I am still too mad to check the vm he left. I haven't heard from him today but I have a feeling he will be calling soon.