Monday, June 8, 2009

Manic Monday

My morning started off an hour too early. Some howling dog made it impossible for me to sleep. When I finally did drift back off to sleep it was only for like ten minutes and I was really annoyed. I wanted to find that dog and smack him.

Once I got up, magically he had stopped all the noise. My mother is such the morning person and she greeted me with a "GOOD MORNING!" All I could do was grumble and start getting ready for work.

The supervisor from hell is back today and she has yet to reply to my email. I already know that this is going to be some drama. I'd rather hear a no, than to be kept in limbo. She has been making all the conversation with me too which is ticking me off even more.

Last night I watched the ten best moments on Bridezilla and I was so happy that they finally took my suggestion of doing updates. I hate to say it but there was one of the couples they highlighted that was now divorced and that got a cheer out of me. I'm not saying that divorce is good but that couple just was not right for each other. I can't believe how some of the women act on that show and yet I stayed tuned faithfully every week.

I have been playing the Wii Fit and I love it. Well everything but when you step on the scale and she says "OH!" She's a real smart @$$ but it's really helpful. I've been trying to encourage my family to get more active and eat better. According to the game, they are all obese and I just want them healthy.

Last night my sister asked me what has been up with me. I told her nothing much really. She said that I've been really withdrawn. What she sees as withdrawn I see as alone time, sometimes I need that. You'd think with everyone having cable in their room that I wouldn't have to fight them for the livingroom since the bedroom I'm in doesn't have cable, but thats not true.

I cleaned the kitchen yesterday after The Marrying Man and his other half and my neices all left. I swear every dish in the house was dirty. My sister had offered to help but she said later. I told her I'd leave her some then. I called her later to ask if she'd still help but she didn't reply so I just finished up.

It's been hard getting myself settled in and somewhat unpacked because I'm always cleaning up behind other grown folks. The countdown has begun until they move and while my parents don't bother me, my sister is just lazy as hell.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Im a morning person royally lol. Id bug your spervisor until she freaking answers...go to HR if not.

I love Bridezilla! hahahah had me laughing.

Trish said...

Stef-According to the union, she has ten days to reply. I found out that she has 5 Fridays off in a row, including one of the Fridays I want so its not looking good at this point. Bridezilla is the best, I don't see myself ever being on there though.