Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Heart Stopped

The other day I work I got a call from my sister. I picked up the phone with a high-pitched hello, acting silly.

All I heard from her end was crying. My heart stopped beating and I yelled at her, asking what was wrong. In between sobs, she told me that some guys had kicked in the front door while she was in the shower.

Panic set in and I wondered if she was alright. Had my parents been injured? I needed to know everything. It was four in the afternoon and someone had the audacity to just kick in the door to my parent's home, after them being there only two short months, I was mad as hell.

The police arrived within a few minutes so she said she would call me back. The entire time I waited to hear from her, my stomach was in knots.

She finally called me back and gave me the details about what happened. She saw the crooks and ran after them, but she recently had surgery so she couldn't catch up as fast had she not been recovering.

The jerks stole her $2,000 M-book and even took the time to rip the cord from the wall. Her feelings were hurt about her computer and the fact that all her papers and personal information was on there.

She is in better spirits now, thanking God that she wasn't harmed and she only lost a material possession. My parents felt horrible because they had discussed getting an alarm but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'm just thankfil that she's okay.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pacing Myself

As life goes, it seems that things are all falling into place at once. In a month, I'll be starting classes and in about two months, I will finally be moving.

My sister is all over the place with her ideas. One minute, she wants to move down in January, the next, it's June. One second, she wants she and I to be roomies, the next, she'd like to get a third bedroom for our younger brother.

Then the other day she "so-called" lectured me about making the decision that is best for me, not for Teddy, her or my brother. I kind of sat there dumbfounded because she was the one putting the most pressure on me as far as living arrangements. She then went so far as to say that I'm only thinking about one area in particular because it's close to Teddy. I let her know that I liked the area I'm looking in before I even met Teddy. In fact, Toot and I went looking in that neighborhood back before I even met Teddy.

On the school front, I'm really excited that it will be starting school. I will need to come up with some type of schedule so that I make adequate time to study. When I think about the possibilities that an advanced degree could bring me, the future looks a lot brighter.

I've also been trying to watch what I eat, I'd love to drop some weight and fit comforably in my clothes again. I've joined a challenge with S23 that motivates me, even when I don't always make the best choices, I keep at it. Life is slowly, but surely beginning to move for me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apartment Hunting

Over the weekend Teddy and I went apartment hunting. I will be living solo, just in case that first sentence was misleading. He was a great tour guide, showing me around different neighborhoods.

I fell in love with one apartment that we visited. The apartment was by the water and was luxury at it's finest. One downside to luxury living is the price tag, lol! How could you not love a place that had Mimosas?! The other downside was that it was very far from work and I'd have to cross a bridge every day during the commute. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have an acute case of road rage, so that won't work.

One horrible apartment reeked of curry even though there were two air fresheners plugged in the wall. This same apartment had stairs that were crumbling and trash all over the courtyard. Needless, to say, that apartment won't be hearing from me.

The next stop was also bad for a multitude of reasons. The major issues at the apartment included appliances from the 70s and the complex had 750 units. This time around I decided I want to live in a smaller apartment community with the hopes that I won't have to deal with some of the issues I have right now.

The final apartment we saw is the one I'm almost sure that I want. This complex only has 200 units and they know all their residents by name. The leasing agent also made some cookies called snicker doodles. I had never heard of these cookies but they were very good, I didn't overdo it, I only ate two. The atmosphere at the apartment was very serene and they are running a special, which would mean I'd pay $75 less a month than my current apartment.

We have plans to go to one more area this weekend and then I'll make my decision. I hate moving, as I've done it every year since 2004, but I've never been so ready to leave an apartment as I am now!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decision Made

.....I've been accepted to the MBA program that I had my heart set on!! I'm SO happy! I told you all how I had been feeling about being stagnant with life.

I want to make the best of this next step in my life. I plan to study and learn like never before. If anyone has any tips, I'm open to suggestions. In undergrad, I'd find that I had read something but when it came to retaining the information, I came up short.

I shared the news with my parents and both were very excited for me. I hadn't told them that I was applying, just in case I didn't get the outcome I was after. My sister and Teddy were both very happy for me. He thinks it is so great that we will both be taking classes this semester. My sister truly has been my #1 supporter in this. She helped me in so many ways, including going to the school I received my Bachelors from and got transcripts for me.

Thanks to all of you who cheered me on while I prepared for the GMAT! I'm going to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!