Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Heart Stopped

The other day I work I got a call from my sister. I picked up the phone with a high-pitched hello, acting silly.

All I heard from her end was crying. My heart stopped beating and I yelled at her, asking what was wrong. In between sobs, she told me that some guys had kicked in the front door while she was in the shower.

Panic set in and I wondered if she was alright. Had my parents been injured? I needed to know everything. It was four in the afternoon and someone had the audacity to just kick in the door to my parent's home, after them being there only two short months, I was mad as hell.

The police arrived within a few minutes so she said she would call me back. The entire time I waited to hear from her, my stomach was in knots.

She finally called me back and gave me the details about what happened. She saw the crooks and ran after them, but she recently had surgery so she couldn't catch up as fast had she not been recovering.

The jerks stole her $2,000 M-book and even took the time to rip the cord from the wall. Her feelings were hurt about her computer and the fact that all her papers and personal information was on there.

She is in better spirits now, thanking God that she wasn't harmed and she only lost a material possession. My parents felt horrible because they had discussed getting an alarm but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I'm just thankfil that she's okay.


GorgeousPuddin said...

Oh wow! I'm so sorry that happened to your family!!!!

Criminals have lost their minds!!! That was a very bold move!

I'm so glad everyone is physically okay. I'll be praying for ya'll!

My word verification is saving!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your family! I am so happy that no one was hurt.

Nina said...

YES! Thank God, they didn't try and hurt! people are crazy...when things like that happen, i always wonder...were they watching as they were moving in or watching every day to see if you HAVE know...crazy!

Anonymous said...

The home raid, smas and grab. I know these terms because it happens all the time out here. There are even some cases where the home occupants are tied down while the robbery is commensing. In brand new neighborhoods at that.

Scary times, glad your family made it through ok.

Jameil said...

:( That's terrible.

Trish said...

Thanks everyone. Other than trouble sleeping the first couple nights, she is doing well. The worse part is that it was 4pm! I remember when people were sneaky about stealing, now they walk up in broad day light and literally snatc what belongs to you.

Jaded said...

OMG, that sounds dreadful! Glad she was fine...and nothing more sordid happened. Although shit like that can really mess with your psyche.

I hate thieves.

K. Rock said...

Oh goodness that is terrible. I hate to hear stories like this. I am so glad nobody was harmed. I hate criminals!!

mia. said...

UM... where have you been?

Nina said...

Where have you been, sister???