Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pacing Myself

As life goes, it seems that things are all falling into place at once. In a month, I'll be starting classes and in about two months, I will finally be moving.

My sister is all over the place with her ideas. One minute, she wants to move down in January, the next, it's June. One second, she wants she and I to be roomies, the next, she'd like to get a third bedroom for our younger brother.

Then the other day she "so-called" lectured me about making the decision that is best for me, not for Teddy, her or my brother. I kind of sat there dumbfounded because she was the one putting the most pressure on me as far as living arrangements. She then went so far as to say that I'm only thinking about one area in particular because it's close to Teddy. I let her know that I liked the area I'm looking in before I even met Teddy. In fact, Toot and I went looking in that neighborhood back before I even met Teddy.

On the school front, I'm really excited that it will be starting school. I will need to come up with some type of schedule so that I make adequate time to study. When I think about the possibilities that an advanced degree could bring me, the future looks a lot brighter.

I've also been trying to watch what I eat, I'd love to drop some weight and fit comforably in my clothes again. I've joined a challenge with S23 that motivates me, even when I don't always make the best choices, I keep at it. Life is slowly, but surely beginning to move for me.


Jameil said...

I love it when a plan comes together!!! Woohoo!!!!

Nina said...

*jazz hands*

GorgeousPuddin said...

I'm excited with you about school! I have the same optimism about the possibilities! and to go along with errbody *spirit fingers* LOL!

Trish said...

Jameil-So do I, especially when I've meticulously put things together.

Trish said...

Nina-HAHA! I pictured the hands!

GP-Thanks! I'm falling into the stereotype I guess, because I feel like 30 is the new 20. I want to do all the things that I should have in my 20s with no holds barred.