Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Taking it All In

Well I'm home sick today and said I must blog if it kills me, which for the record, I felt like I was dying from food poisoning last night. So there has been an addition to the odd little "family" that Nbr and I have. She has four legs and I'm pretty sure she is the anti-Christ. She's so cute but bad as all hell dog. She and Baby were the same size, now about six weeks later, she is double her size and will only continue to grow. Nbr doesn't seem to realize what all goes into caring for a puppy. I told him that I feel she needs to go but I guess he is waiting for a breakthrough miracle. She whines all day and all night, pees as soon as you take her out of the crate(which you have to keep her in, she's chewed on four different spots of the walls and the cable and internet cords). Nbr is doing well, we have our moments but what two people don't? He makes me laugh to the point of tears sometimes and that's one of my favorite things about him. Guess what else? His kids and I have been getting along great and I can't tell you how much of a weight that has lifted from my shoulders. To add on to the mix of he and I, we are going "home" to visit my family in a matter of weeks. This will definitely be interesting as he has only met my sister. He kicked up a fuss some weeks back about how he hasn't met my family, my comeback was well they live over a thousand miles a way, and a trip was born. I'm on a small break from school and then I will be embarking on my FINAL semester!! I don't want to say it aloud but I am so happy, it has definitely been a struggle dealing with group mates. I am taking myself on a trip when its all said and done, I'd love to lay on someone's beach, but I owe a certain Mia a visit...... That's it for me now, I hope all is well with each of you. I come back to log in to blogger and everything has changed. I need to get some of your urls so i can type them in at work. I only have two, I refuse to login to blogger there because "The Man" is watching us there. I think I hear Nbr at the door now with my ginger ale. There are definitely perks to this thing! Talk with you soon!