Friday, April 23, 2010

Growing Up

I talked to one of my BFFs(Songbird) since elementary school last night. As we've gotten older the group of us have all remained close but as life goes, we don't talk as often as we did when we were younger. We all make it a point though to keep in touch and give updates about what is going on in our lives.

I got a text from Songbird saying that she wanted to catch up and asked when I'd be free to talk. I told her that on Tuesday I would be free and we made plans to chat then. Tuesday came and went and I didn't remember to late in the evening that we hadn't spoke. I texted her asking if the mishap in us talking was my fault and she said she had been awaiting my call.

So anyway, when I called her, we said our hello's and immediately, I asked what was wrong from her tone. You know how it is when you know someone and you can just pick up that something is up? That is the vibe I got from her. Her reply was nothing was wrong. So I pressed on asking well if nothing was wrong, then what was not-so-good? She said that she just wasn't feeling good. I asked her why and she replied because she's pregnant. She then told me that they are getting married and soon before she even starts to show.

I can't honestly remember a time I was so speechless as I was processing that news. She said hello repeatedly and as my lips moved, nothing came out. I told her that I needed a few minutes to get myself together. When I finally could muster up some audible sounds, I laughed and that turned to crying. I couldn't believe that all of this was happening so suddenly.

Songbird has been with her guy since the same time Teddy and I became official so this is why it took such a toll on me. Not only have I not met this guy but now she is having a baby with him and marrying him. It seems like I am missing everything with my friend's lives but I know it's a part of being an adult.

My other BFF that is with Military Man is planning to get married next month around the same time at the courthouse. They even joked with each other about how they may all be in the same room sharing vows mass-style.

I can't lie and say I'm not a bit saddened that two of my best friends will both be getting married in a courthouse and that I won't be there. I'm happy for Songbird because she is genuinely happy and she had discussed with me over a month ago that she felt he was the one. The jury is still out on the union between BFF and Military Man.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today at work, I covered for two people who had the day off. One of the coverage duties included accepting deposits from other departments. I have to admit that having the responsibility of accepting money is my least favorite task.

A young lady from the Cashier's Office came at about nine a.m. Along with picking up our deposits, she informed me that she had cash for one of my coworkers and handed it to me in a money bag. As part of protocol, I went to copy the sheet detailing the amount of money I was giving to the Cashier's Office.

A few minutes after returning to my desk I prepare to take the money bag to the safe. This is when I ran into a problem...the money bag was missing. I walked back to the copy room thinking maybe I had taken the bag in there with me, but there was no such luck.

I returned to my desk and literally tore it apart. I retraced every step I made that morning and even places I didn't go. By the way, am I the only one who loses something and looks places you know the item can't be? I called and left a message for the pick-up person, explaining the money was missing.

While I had been away from my desk at a mandatory birthday celebration a voice mail had been left from her stating that she had placed the money bag in my hand. Hearing her message did nothing but frustrate me more because although I know she handed me the money, I knew that she left my desk after I did.

I called her again and she was conveniently at lunch. After getting a coworker involved in the search and a few workless hours passing, I decided to fess up and tell my boss what happened. I was instanty lectured about how I shouldn't have left the money unattended for even thirty seconds.

My next steps were to call the police and then send an email informing my department of the missing money. I decided I would attempt to call her one last time as a ditch effort. She again reiterated how she "handed" the money to me. I explained to her that after I returned from making a copy the money was gone and all she offered was "oh."

I asked her to check and make sure that she didn't accidently pick it up. She said alright and returned to the phone a couple minutes later saying that she had found it at the bottom of her bag. After all the madness she had put me through searching for something she had the entire time, she offfered no apology. I told her I had to go so I could call the police back. She actually had the nerve to say, "you called the police over that?"

I hate idiots and she fits the entire definition of the word. I'm thinking about reporting her but I haven't decided yet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spill the Beans

I hate sharing! Not literally, but sharing my feelings. I'm pretty sure that a lot of it has to do with how I was raised. While my family was close, some things we just didn't talk about. We showed love to one another but rarely used the term, "I love you."

For this reason, it has been a true task communicating certain things when it comes to relationships with people. Up until this point, it never seemed to matter to anybody I was in a relationship with. Teddy came along and changed things up in my life.

He has this thing about being open and honest. Now before anyone side eyes me, I believe that healthy relationships thrive on communication and honesty. My problem is that he likes to discuss the past a lot. While I understand the past helped us to get where we are, because of not-so-good memories, I don’t like harping on the past. Teddy wants to discuss every single minute detail of the past. I just can’t see why he would like to know everything.

I have been trying to disclose some things I’ve hidden way back in my closet. I do this because I want my relationship to flourish. Another reason I don’t mind trying is because he isn’t accusatory or judgmental, he genuinely wants to know all of me. There are some things I’ve told him that he could have easily thrown up in my face in the heat of a heated conversation, but he never goes that route.

Over the weekend, we had a ridiculous incident concerning Crazy-mf-ass-Kelley that could have ended us for good, but instead he stepped up to the plate like a real man and was there in full effect to support me. I am a very, very lucky woman.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flashing Light

So I'm almost certain I just got caught by the stoplight camera. I was trying to make it through a light and by the time I noticed it was too late my options were stick out in traffic or go. I went for it and that's when I saw the light flash. I'm sure when I get the picture and ticket in the mail, the picture will have me shown with my mouth wide open. It flashed as I went under and I thought "well I'll be damned!"

Now I just sit and wait for them to mail me the ticket. I heard from coworkers it takes a few weeks. I wonder if I'll get points on my license for this? What happened to the good old days of police having to actually pull you over to issue a ticket? I think police nowadays have it too easy! Lol!