Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home For Christmas

I'm washing clothes as I type, preparing for my trip home. I have to admit I'm getting excited to see evryone but just dreading the snow. I'm happy to be seeing the bff/ex, I've been in need of a good hug and not the kind my boss gave me today, awkward? Yes!

Coworker is taking me to the airport tomorrow. As I was leaving she advised me to not panic and call her tomorrow and that she WILL be coming to get me. I said uhhhh okay then.

One of my BFFs sinvce elem school reunited with an ex boo from colege and now she wants to follow him to another country, he's military. We(group of 5 since gradeschool) all wonder what's the urgency behind her uprooting her life for this guy she just reconnected with. I'm hoping to meet him tomorrow night to see what jas her thinking about giving up her life to go to a foreign place with him. I just want the best for her so hopefully he's a nice guy.

I have a couple errands in the morning including Walmart, I plan to go as soon as I wake up, I hate the long lines there! I also thought I'd fill you all in on my one of my creepy neighbors. There are two of them in my complex but one lives directly across the way from me. I always see him lurking in the windows. He keeps his blinds open all day and night and that creeps me out even more. He feeds stray cats and gawks, I wish he would be creepy with closed curtains!

I'm hoping to not have a blog-worthy story tomorrow for my flight home. If not, I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coworker and Then Some

Work has been extremely busy this week. It seems that by the time I get training from a particular coworker it is about time for me to get off. I'm torn, don't know whether to just stay late or what. This same coworker said to another coworker that I'm "timid" when it comes to dealing with the departments that I'm responsible for. I was trying to be cool until I made probation but okay, you want the real me, fine, so I sent an email out to my departments, letting them know my office protocals which includes them having a seat in the reception area rather than standing over my shoulder. This same coworker was used the word "timid" said that my email was "too harsh!" Make up your mind lady!

I let my new office mom talk me into doing a public access cable commercial. I have yet to see it nor am I sure if I want to see the commercial. This woman has been just like my mother since
I got there and she followed me an hour into this corn country town to sell my old car to this lonely old man. She calls and bbm's me to make sure I got home and always wants to know the business, just like my mother.

I still can't believe that Christmas is eight days away. The reason it may not seem like the holiday season is because I'm used to snow around this time and here, there is no snow, just a low 45, which I love.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, that is all I hear. They also use that to desribe eating fatty foods. I told one of my girl BFF's today that I think they feed me so much because they're fattening me up to cook me! Seriously, I don't know if it is because I started around the holiday season or what but there always seems to be food/desserts in the office. When I went home for Thanksgiving, my fail had too many comments about how thin I had gotten, they won't have that complaint this time.

Hopefully I will finish my last minute Christmas shopping this weekend. I still have the ex/bff, coworkers, to whom I'm thinking I will bake for, also I want to get my sis another gift. My thirteen year-old neices asked for skinny jeans, so I will attempt to get those and will probably just give my nephew cash.

Am I the only last minute shopper?

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I've tried posting about the BFF's visit for the past half hour and Blogger is just working my nerves. I will just talk about my weekend and attempt to share his visit later.

This was a very busy weekend for me. I'd like to say one of the busiest weekends since I've been here. Guess what everybody! I went to a movie alone today! It was so liberating. I saw A.rmored and I really enjoyed it. I also went to church today, the mall and T.arget.

When I got home I started on laundry and a bit of cleaning, although it won't all get done today. Wanna hear something messed up? I bought a bottle of wine from the store that I was going to have with a bag of popcorn as dinner. Why oh why did I bust it as I got it out of the car?! If anyone happened to look out the window at that very moment, they would have saw a grown woman having a temper tantrum. I was so freaking mad but all I could think of was that must mean I wasn't supposed to have it.

I've been doing so much thinking lately. Thoughts all over the place. I am so sure some has to do with the new year upon us, I attribute the other portion to the fact that I'm in a new place and thinking about the unknown.

I had a real fear of the unknown when I was younger but this move has definitely taught me that when it is all said and done, as long as I'm obedient, I will be taken care of. I have been thinking about relationships a lot too. It's like I know that I want a husband and kids, but then I think of all I will be giving up. I cherish the little things, like being able to have the temperature in my place on the setting I want. I think about knowing that what is in my refrigerator when I leave for work will be there when I get off. I think about being able to come and go as I please now and how I will have to also let go of that.

Then all that thinking started to give me a headache so I pushed it aside for the time being. I have to say more than I am ready for a family, I actually have to be ready. There's a great guy in my life who wants all these things with me but at the same time it scares me.

This is too much thinking for a Sunday night. I hope everyone had a good weekend. With me not getting a signal at home the past couple of weeks, my blogging has been really scarce. I know that I need to just throw in the towel and subscribe but I didn't want to get cable/net and I haven't fuly furnished my place yet. But anyway, enough babbling.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Already?!

Where has the time gone folks? I'm not too sure myself. I'm sure you all saw that it snowed here. I felt like a cartoon character actually seeing it, picture a Looney Tunes character with bulging eyes! I swore I moved to get away from snow and here it was hitting us first. There was a plus to the snow, we got dismissed from work early and the freeways were so light, I actually made it home in record time.

I am just getting over a cold that my supervisor passed on to me, ever-so-graciously! I was in bed all weekend, you would have thought an old lady lived with me because it reeked of Vicks.

I'm pumped working on my resolutions for next year and I just need to write them down. As I have been seeing a lot of people say, I really think that 2010 will be a good year for me. Things have all started aligning to make the upcoming year being great a reality.

I have yet to really venture out and attend any places or events alone but I'm working on it. If its not dental issues, it's visitors or being sick but it is still on the agenda.

To those of you who go out alone, how do you prepare for an evening alone? Any tips would be appreciated.