Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coworker and Then Some

Work has been extremely busy this week. It seems that by the time I get training from a particular coworker it is about time for me to get off. I'm torn, don't know whether to just stay late or what. This same coworker said to another coworker that I'm "timid" when it comes to dealing with the departments that I'm responsible for. I was trying to be cool until I made probation but okay, you want the real me, fine, so I sent an email out to my departments, letting them know my office protocals which includes them having a seat in the reception area rather than standing over my shoulder. This same coworker was used the word "timid" said that my email was "too harsh!" Make up your mind lady!

I let my new office mom talk me into doing a public access cable commercial. I have yet to see it nor am I sure if I want to see the commercial. This woman has been just like my mother since
I got there and she followed me an hour into this corn country town to sell my old car to this lonely old man. She calls and bbm's me to make sure I got home and always wants to know the business, just like my mother.

I still can't believe that Christmas is eight days away. The reason it may not seem like the holiday season is because I'm used to snow around this time and here, there is no snow, just a low 45, which I love.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, that is all I hear. They also use that to desribe eating fatty foods. I told one of my girl BFF's today that I think they feed me so much because they're fattening me up to cook me! Seriously, I don't know if it is because I started around the holiday season or what but there always seems to be food/desserts in the office. When I went home for Thanksgiving, my fail had too many comments about how thin I had gotten, they won't have that complaint this time.

Hopefully I will finish my last minute Christmas shopping this weekend. I still have the ex/bff, coworkers, to whom I'm thinking I will bake for, also I want to get my sis another gift. My thirteen year-old neices asked for skinny jeans, so I will attempt to get those and will probably just give my nephew cash.

Am I the only last minute shopper?


Young woman on a journey said...

you seem to be settling in well in TX. don't sweat your hater coworker. its always great to have someone looking out for you. i'm so jealous of 45 lows!

Anonymous said...

Why am I so tickled with you thinking they are fattening you up. Lol

You're in the south everything starts with food!

Trish said...

YW-The craziest part is this same hater offered to take me to the aiport next week and pick me up when I return! I'm loving it in TX!!

Patrice-If I go missing you guys will know I've reached the desired weight, lol! You're right about everything starting with food, I will just have to plan accordingly on food days.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

Yea...I'm with YW since its 11 degrees today...BOO!

I'm glad you're adusting. Lol...if you don't blog for an EXTENDED period of time, I know what's up and I will be sad. :(

Trish said...

Its 64 today!! I took advantage and wore a skirt! Aww if you'll miss me I will have to make sure I leave their snack traps alone, lol!

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL -you cant please some people with your timid, harsh self. LOL

Office mother's are cool to an extent, like when they are giving you free food, but I always get the ones that want to tell me how to run my life. No thanks. I already have a mom that I don't call enough. Don't need another one.

LOL @ fattening you up to cook you. If you see people in robes with torches, RUN!!!

Trish said...

Rashan-Haha!Robes?! I'd try to haul ass out of here!

Tell me about it, she is always giving "advice!" Then she will end it with but whatever you decide is up to you(with that mother glare).

I'm thinking of acting bipolar so that I can be nice and mean equally and maybe that will please Mrs.Inmybusiness!