Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Visit

My visit home went nothing like I could have planned. Nbr never made the flight because I told him that our living situation wasn't working for me anymore. After making that comment to him, communication between us pretty much came to a halt, although we were still living in the same household.

It was definitely an emotional plane ride as the person who sat in his seat sat there without a care in the world. When I landed at home, I headed to the baggage claim and turned on my phone to see I had missed calls and texts. As I went through them I returned a text from one of my brothers, only to get a response from him telling me my Grandfather had died while I was en route. I was totally blind-sided and looked like a blubbering idiot crying as I waited at baggage claim.

The rest of the trip was pretty much downhill from there. I was able to see my friends but I was just in a funk. I lost my bank card, got pulled over by state troopers and had to pay a fee to extend my reservation to stay in town until after the funeral. My way with dealing with the loss was to drink which was a horrible idea. I went out one evening with my girlfriends and the entire night was a blur.

Nbr never called and checked to see why I wasn't back home the day I was supposed to. When I arrived home, the majority of his things were gone but he had left his puppy, which was covered in feces. Seeing her and the mess he left did nothing but infuriate me. It has now been about three weeks and his things are still here. After attempting to contact him and having no luck, I gave his dog to a family that could provide her with the TLC she needed.

I am glad to be done with that chapter in my life, or I will be once he comes to get his things Friday. I have no desire to speak with him and wish to God that I didn't have to be here when he came to collect his things. This is definitely a time that I have to put on my big girl panties and keep it moving. As my sister so eloquently pointed out, I should have learned from this lesson.