Sunday, August 8, 2010

Decision Made

.....I've been accepted to the MBA program that I had my heart set on!! I'm SO happy! I told you all how I had been feeling about being stagnant with life.

I want to make the best of this next step in my life. I plan to study and learn like never before. If anyone has any tips, I'm open to suggestions. In undergrad, I'd find that I had read something but when it came to retaining the information, I came up short.

I shared the news with my parents and both were very excited for me. I hadn't told them that I was applying, just in case I didn't get the outcome I was after. My sister and Teddy were both very happy for me. He thinks it is so great that we will both be taking classes this semester. My sister truly has been my #1 supporter in this. She helped me in so many ways, including going to the school I received my Bachelors from and got transcripts for me.

Thanks to all of you who cheered me on while I prepared for the GMAT! I'm going to GRADUATE SCHOOL!!!!


Jaded said...

I knew you could do it lol!! :-) :-)
There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment!

As for studying...well. It depends how they are testing you. If it's essays, then what you want to do is find those styles that received high marks and write like that. (obviously different content). But in terms of formatting and content organization.

As for multiple choice, I guess all you can do is studying and do lots of examples?

Idk bec honestly, I never did much studying in undergrad and law school.

GorgeousPuddin said...

I am soooo happy for you! Congrats on getting in!
You do need a good support system and maybe two or three good study partners. Get to know just a few of your fellow students that you can go to for studying, reviewing notes, just to talk or vent it helps! Congrats again!

Miss.Stefanie said...

GO TRISH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Young woman on a journey said...

yaaaaay! aww, this is sooooooooo exciting. Congratulations. it'll be a great opportunity to meet new people too.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!

Jameil said...

WOOHOOOOOO!!! If you have retention problems, number one is to stay on top of your reading. Then you should create flashcards and reiterate with notes. Do you know if you learn better hearing, seeing or doing? If it's hearing, tape those lectures and listen to them repeatedly. You should also join study groups if your class has them.

Trish said...

Jaded-Thanks so much! I have always been jealous of you folks that don't have to study!

GP-Thank you!! I will try those tips. I am truly blessed to have great supporters around me.

Stef-Thanks Lady!!

YW-Thanks a lot! I received a calendar of events and there are several networking opportunities including a dinner next month!

Buttahfly-Your comments about GMAT stuck with me. I'll carry them over into the semester.

Jameil-Thanks a bunch!!! I have the hardest time retaining what I read, outside of novels. I also haven't really tried the flash card method but I will make some, repetition will hopefully help.