Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Too Many

Friday I went out with the coworkers to have a delicious Mexican meal. I, however, forgot to tell Office Mom that I was going to be leaving the office later because I was going to follow our other coworker to the restaurant. OM was more than annoyed with me and decided to tell me so as I called her from my car.

I apologized to OM once I made it to the table and all was forgiven and we sealed the misunderstanding with a hug. We made it just in time to enjoy a couple drinks from the happy hour menu.

After a couple of margaritas, coworker, Let's call her Double, because she's two-faced, decided to tell me what kinda thoughts had been running through that huge forehead of hers. Just to recap, this is the same coworker mentioned here, well I tried to link the story but since it isn't working, I wrote about her on 12/17/09. So anyway, she let's me know that after having a little liquid courage she can know that she is tired of helping me with my problem areas.

I went off, asking her WHO THE F*&@ was I supposed to ask?! She had nerve to ask if I just cussed her. Hell yeah, I cussed you Double, I'm tired of your fake ass. I then proceeded to tell her that it is far and few between that I need her but on the off chance that I do, she should be willing to help me. She admitted that I do rely on her a lot less.

The evening went pretty much downhill from there. OM and Double ended up getting into it about something that Double confided in OM about. We left dinner just as a thunderstorm started to roll in. I made it home quickly and Double even called to make sure I made it to the right freeway.

I called Teddy to let him know I had made it home safely. It appeared that my buzz decided to kick in once I laid down in bed.I babbled for what felt like forever until I started dozing off. Teddy told me to get some sleep and he'd see me in the morning.

When we went to breakfast the next morning, Teddy informed me that I was "off the hook" the night before. Sadly, I could not remember all that I said. I kicked myself a couple of times Saturday as he mentioned several things I told him during my drunken stupor. Part of me wanted to know what all I said, but the other part said forget it.


Jameil said...

Double = ugh. Teddy = ROTFL!! I have SO been there... with Rashan. Lolololol. Not lately of course b/c who cares what I say to him at this point but toward the beginning? I really should not have been allowed near my phone!!!

Trish said...

Jameil-I always thought staying away from the phone under the influence applied to exes, not current bfs. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only culprit! Lol!

Jaded said... lunches and drinks just do not mix. They never really end well lol. It could have been a lot worse though! Chalk it up to experience and make sure you order virgin daquaris next time lol