Monday, June 7, 2010

Over My Head

I feel like I'm in over my head. I've tentively scheduled myself to take the GMAT a little over a month from today. I have dabbled in the review books but now is the time to crack down.

I opened one review guide I had yet to look over and felt like it was written in Japanese. I have never been too good at taking standardized tests and this test is so overwhelming. The thought of sitting for hours solving word problems that look like paragraphs has me petrified.

I know that the only thing that I can do to prepare is to study. When I was online earlier looking at the GMAT site, they stated that most people study between three to six months! I'm only giving myself a solid month, what am I doing?!

My plan is to register tomorrow so that I can get the date I need next month. The grad school application deadline is August 1st so it's pretty much take the test next month or wait yet another year to attempt starting grad school. I have been putting off this test for years and wasting time.

I have to put myself on a schedule and buckle down. I can't see letting another year passing me by, I feel so complacent just working.

Okay enough complaining, thanks for listening.


Jameil said...

Go get it girl! You can do it!!

Trish said...

Thanks Jameil! After I wrote this last night I actually dreamed about studying. I guess that confirms it, time to study, double overtime!

Anonymous said...

If I had to picture the devil wispering in your ear, he would be saying these things exactly.

There are enough people out there talking down about you. Don't join in.

Go get it!

Nina said...

Study, study, study!!

You're going to be least you're taking initiative and not waiting a whole year! *YIKES*

Trish said...

As always, I appreciate the encouragement! I will kick up the studying today. I registered today and will be able to sign up within two days.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Congrats on the decision to further your education. I'm excited for you. I love school and learning. You'll do great! Get yo study on!

Nina said...

Hope the studying is going well! :)

If you can't find me...this is my new address:

Jaded said...

Hey you can do it. I'm not sure the format of the GRE if it's anything like the LSAT (reading comprehension, analytical "games" and logical reasoning) all I did was practice. I'd do tons of problems to figure out how to get good at them.

You'll do fine. Do study block of 2 hours that way you don't burn yourself out.

You can def. do it.

Veronica "Duchess" Wright said...

do you best gettign that studyign in..get a study buddy to help you...the time is now, you can do it!