Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good Times

The past few days have been a blur. Work has been going great. My entire office has been friendly, three different people welcomed me with a hug. Being that you all know I'm not the most affectionate person, I took the hugs in stride. The picture attached is what my supervisor made me. She actually admitted she went to "Clown College," but she did it to become a volunteer at different agencies.

We somehow got on the subject of cooking and I mentioned how I loved baking. I never made anything for my last office but the office I was in before working with the Dragon Lady was treated often to my hobby. I definitely intend on trying out a few new recipes I found on my new office.

One lady sees to it that I get home every night, she's so motherly. She has shared a lot about herself and her family as well as about different people in the office. I like that I don't feel like she's prying when she asks me about different things. Once I feel like someone is just being nosey and overwhelming me with questions, I basically do all I can to discontinue communication.

Hm...what else? Oh my ex that was also my bff and I reconnected. I got in touch with him a week before I came down here. We had a great week after we talked through a lot of issues and have been talking ever since. He is coming to visit me Friday and I'm excited. I'm not thinking anything into the future, we live hundreds and hundreds of miles away. It will just be nice to see him. I hope that I don't want to strangle him by the time he leaves after his week-long visit. It's been brought to my attention that I tend to show people inadvertently that they're getting on my nerves.

My sister will be getting in the day after he leaves. She will hang out here with me for the week and we fly back home together for Thanksgiving. Going from Eastern to Central time, then having Daylights saving has got my body all out of whack. I am trying to get adjusted to the timing because it seems just wrong going to bed at eight.


Young woman on a journey said...


i'm glad to hear that you are having a good time and that the job situation is much more pleasant than the previous one.

forget the ex...can you handle your sister for a week? lol.

hmm...i'm trying not to think into the future for you, but i kinda liked the ex...and the fact that he was your bff.

Trish said...

YW- Who are you telling about my sis?! I hope we both make it to the plane on Thanksgiving! Lol! I have been trying to explain to her that when you start a new job training keeps you occupied.

I am really forward to him coming down here. We shall see, maybe he'll want to stay!

Nina said...

lol @ clown college boss. it seems so different from where you came from...


can't wait to hear about your adventures!! squeeee

Naturally Glamorous said...

I feel the exact same way about hugs! Though I am trying to work on that, somehow I feel like they are always awkward for me. Congrats on the new job as well!