Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Die Already

If you thought this post was about Dragon Lady and my supervisor then you're wrong, lol! No, this post is about the wretched gnats that won't die. I have bug bombed the house two times in the last month and they just won't die. I have flying insect spray that I use but it just seems to empower them to live longer, I have no idea how to be rid of these annoying suckers.

Before my brother came to stay here with me, I was gnat-free. Now all of a sudden, they just won't die. He leaves take-out containers on the table for days and just sits his dishes on the counter. I don't have to tell you that I can't wait to get the hell out of this house. The countdown is just about to begin.

He has been acting like a brat about the fact that he has to move out once I'm gone. If he was more responsible, he'd probably get more time here but he isn't, so he has to go. He's been here since July and hasn't bought one roll of tissue, one bar of soap, nor paper towel..see where I'm going with this?

I have began selling furniture and each time he comes home and notices something is missing he comments how soon he'll be sleeping on the floor. My next mission is to sell the stove, fridge and dishwasher.

He has less than a month to find a place and he is being picky about apartment complexes, stating that he doesn't want to "get shot". At this point, he will have a better chance of being shot if he is homeless because he's to saddity to settle for what he can afford now and let me just throw in that he delivers pizza for a living. Now, no offense to anyone who may deliver pizzas but his income is not at the level where he can pick and choose at this moment.

I took three days off work and today I spent 312 minutes on the phone with B.lackberry trying to get my new phone issues resolved. I pretty much wasted today but I took care of business yesterday and I will do a few more things tomorrow.


Nina said...

I can't even lie...I was like dayum! What did they do?

you are good because i WOULD be having my hand out like negro...there's a toll to wipe your behind..give me $3 for a roll of tissue! the neerrrrve!

Trish said...

Nina-Funny, they FINALLY gave me my write up about fifteen minutes ago, I hate these broads.

I bought eight rolls of tissue Tuesday and they are all in my room, I'm done sharing.