Monday, February 8, 2010

The Charger

So Kelley and I as I told you guys are done. But of course it wouldn't be complete without one last story. The last time that I had went to his place I left my wall charger there. I politely asked him if I could have it back and that is when the madness began.

First, he was in agreeance, said we could meet up and he'd give it to me after he was out of church that day. I told him that was fine and I made myself get up so that I'd be dressed and out already when he called. By nine o'clock that night, I realized he wasn't calling. He did later call that night saying that he fell asleep but I was on another call so I didn't answer. You were sleep ALL day? Whatever, I thought.

So he plays this game for a few days while I'm attempting to recover my charger from him. Finally, I grow tired of playing these games with him. I ask him to let me know when I can get my charger and he in true Crazy Kelley form acts psychotic. I decided to retype the texts, I can't paint a true picture, you have to see this for yourself.

CK-You're a joke! DUH!! How u gon ignore me? I'm trying to give you your property. You're too young for your memory to be as bad as it is! You were on a call when I called you...remember?

Me-Yeah that night, you said you'd call me after church.

CK-Ok. I didn't call you after church...but Icalled u and I texted u later! Don't even try it! So, u really don't have a point. Call me when u mature...cause right now, I can't deal with u.


Me-So does that mean I can't have my charger?

CK-You can have your stuff.


CK-After you gimme some.

Me-I may be immature, but I'm not dumb, you're psychotic.

CK-So u admit that ur a little immature? Its ok. Just try n keep it real.

Me-No, I don't admit that.

CK-I'm one person who tries to lift ur spirits when ur a lil down. Don't understand why you wanna give me a hard time? But its kool.

The texting stops and the next day he resumes.

CK-Hey do u want your charger?


CK-I'll get it 2 u tdy


CK-I'll bring it to u

Me-Ok, just tell me where

CK-I can bring it2 ur apart comp, or u can coe get it?

Me-How about I come after work

CK-Sure! Lol...boi I tell ya?

Me-What now?

CK-Nothin. Lol! I was tryin 2 bring it to ya. Cause if u come here, I'm a want to do sumtin.

Me-Hand it to me through the door

CK-Beat it! U trick


CK-Lol...yo ass is straight phony. I did all that to see what was up with u! I know u don't want me to know where you live? I've given u chance after chance to be real with me, and u just won't. Cause you're not. U showed me u weren't reral when u flaked on me when I was hurt

Me-You have a lot of damn nerve, I know that. You and your games are childish and you're older than me. I expected more from someone your age.

CK-Im tird of u taking my niceness for granted! But that's what I get for trying. So, don't worry, I won't contact u again.

Me-Whatever, no one used you nor took you for ganted. You want everything your way and have from day one and that's not how life works.

CK-Now u going to tell me how life works? Ok? Get on out there and you'll see soon enuff??

Me-Yea, I'm telling you. No idea why you call yourself mad and at this point I honestly don't care. You have disrespected me and I don't care to even bother arguing with you. And furthermore, if keeping my charger will make you feel vindcated, then f--- you, keep it, I'm not about to beg you for my stuff.

CK-Lol...ok u win. Now come gimme some, so we can make up!

Me-Go f--- yourself, psycho!

That was the last I heard from him, can I just say once again, that I'm so glad I never told him where I lived!


Jameil said...

why on earth did you have that long conversation?

Rashan Jamal said...

"why on earth did you have that long conversation" Jameil 2010

Please do not engage crazy. Crazy doesn't know when to stop. That is all.

Trish said...

Jameil-I wanted my BB charger but in retrospect, yes I did talk entertain him way too long!

Rashan-Great quote, who is this Jameil? Lol! No more talking to him, he's insane and I don't want to end up on a milk carton.

Young woman on a journey said...

omg. lmao. i was dying laughing reading this. wtf is wrong with people. yo, this is killing me softly. so glad he doesn't know where you live. whose blog woudl i read?

Trish said...

YW-I swear I don't know why these type of people believe its okay to say and do as they see fit. If I even see him on my street I'm calling the cops on him! I swear I've been amusing you guys too much with these crazy guys, lol! I'm just mad that I've blown a resolution of not going with my first mind when dealing with this lunatic.

Anonymous said...

no lie, thank G that man dont know where you live! omg. like seriously what is wrong with him and whats up with the "gimme some" shit.

And he goes to church? Ugh.

Lol. I swear I'd want to change my number lol.

Trish said...

Jade-Yes the worse part is that he "goes" to church. He probably just goess to trol for women. The idea of changing my number is something I have been considering. Him and the gimme some was repulsive, I guess he knew saying that would get me to not want to have any contact with him, therefore no charger.

ParlinMom said...


I'm new to your blog but this post right here will keep me coming back...sounds like my life as a teenager without the cell phone. my mother was sick of me asking to change the number LOL.

good for you for mot giving him your address.

Trish said...

Welcome ParlinMom! I'm always a bit relieved to know I'm not the only one encountering the crazies of the world. Funny you wore your mom out with the number changing requests. Some people just don't know when to just leave well enough alone. Although he doesn't know where I stay for some reason I'm always extra cautious, looking around, true crazy folks can find who they're looking for!

Anonymous said...

Forget about that charger. Don't ever answer another text from that fool.

Not so Anonymous said...

What?? He's insane...girl, I'm with Jameil and Rashon, you can't engage crazy, lol.

Trish said...

Buttahfly-I won't! That's over and done with. I'm no prostitute but if I was it would cost more than a $25 charger!

Aretha-Yes, you guys are all right. My dad used to tell me no sense in arguing with a fool.

Nina said...

OH MY GOSH........

Girl, you are better than me....Whew Lawdy...after the Beat It Trick comment, I contemplate throwing bricks thru windows...Now come gimme some so we can make up??? You can't make this ish up!

Trish said...

Nina-I actually told my workmom that I wanted to go over there but she talked me out of it. I would never get away from him if I start a fued with him. He hasn't called me since and for that, I'm happy.