Monday, February 1, 2010

Mr. Squid

So I had a date last night with a guy who was more like a water dwelling, multi-legged creature. He tried his best to make sure at almost every minute possible he was touching me in some shape or form. I've mentioned before that I LOATHE people that are like this. This was ony date number two and he kept trying to put his paws all on me. The first date he was so nervous he barely made eye contact, now that he elevated to night number two, I guess he decided he could be himself.

So Sunday morning, the day of or proposed date, he texted me at 5am talkin about good morning. There is nothing good about 5am, so why are you texing me? I never replied because when I finally did get up I was running behind for church. When I got out of service he had texted me again at 9ish. I replied saying hello. His response was that he was starting to get scared since he hadn't heard from me all day Saturday. Yeah, you didn't hear from me because I told you I had plans.

We met up at Dave and Busters and the plan was that we were gonna play pool. Now our plan had been made earlier in the week and we texted randomly thrughout the week. He tried asking me Friday night if I wanted to see a movie Saturday but I informed him that I already had plans. Well pool turned into eating dinner which turned into him buying a gamecard without even asking me if I wanted to play any games. The pool game wouldn't have been complete without him trying to come behind me and instruct me how to hold the stick. Then after we were done eating he literally pushes my back from the chair so that he can put his arm behind me and starts trying to massage my shoulders, right there in the middle of the pool area!

Finally we used all our game credits and you'd think ok, we'd call it a night right? NOPE! HE wants to just sit in the game room and lay his head on my shoulder. I sat there as long as I could and then I told him it was about time for my tv show to come on, so we'd better get going. His response was that he didn't care about my tv show, then tried to laugh it off.

It's a safe bet that I won't be going out with him again.


Jameil said...

Where do you find these dudes!?!? What a loser!! I HATE grabby negroes!! Don't try to hold my hands while you gaze in my eyes and I met you 30 seconds ago. Back up off me. If I agreed to play pool, I probably know how. Please don't go out with him again. You know the sexts are coming next, right? He KNOWS date no. 3 is the magic number!

Trish said...

Jameil-RIGHT! Lol! He's paid for two meals I'm sure he feels he has paid for it by now. There won't be another date. He has texted and called today but I don't see the point of even having a conversation. The sad part is that he probably doesn't see how much of a turn-off his behavior was.

Nina said...

Oh em gee!!!!!!!!

What is up with these effing dudes!

Jaded said...

uh..wth? No seriously WTH? I SEE why people women are single! What is wrong with everyone?!?! Can you say boundary issues??

Trish said...

Nina-I have no idea! People just do things to see what they can get away with.

Jaded-You are VERY lucky that you don't have to deal with the crazy dating scene. One day I won't have to keep meeting idiots either.

Young woman on a journey said...! i hate touchy feely people. and the worst part, why don't they get a friggin hint or clue. ugh!

Trish said...

YW-Funny, my sister asked the same thing when I told her about the date. I honestly don't think they care if it makes us uncomfortable or not, long as they're getting to cop a feel. How can unreciprocated affection be a turn on? Just makes me mad thinking about it. The worse part is he keeps texting me asking when we can go to the movies. There's no way I'd put myself in a dark room with those hands!

Young woman on a journey said...

lmao at dark room!

Rashan Jamal said...

To repeat from last when are you going out again? LOL

Back in my dating days, I think I was the opposite. I would be very conscious about coming across like Mr. Squid. Passive to the point where they probably thought "what is wrong with this dude?" LOL

Trish said...

Rashan-HAHA! I mean it, no more dates. Maybe you can give me some advice on how to tell him to get lost nicely!

Funny about you being the opposite on dates. I think there's a nice median to where guys don't come on too strong nor leave you thinking you were out with a family member!