Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm writing from the airport while I await to board my flight back home. The first thing that I want to say is although I'm really going to miss my loved ones I am not going to miss this five degree weather. This is the kind of cold that literally chills you to your bones!

My visit was fantastic. I had an opportunity to see everyone that I wanted to visit. I stayed with my sister the entire visit minus nye that I spent with the bff. He and I rang in the new year together and I was happy we got to continue our tradition. We talked about a few things that may happen that pertain to he and I this year. According to about 99% of my FB friends, this will be the greatest year yet and I am certainly looking forward to what is in store for me.

Oh I know you guys heard about the clown that tried to blow up the airport! The craziest part is on my way home the police arrested a man on my flight headed here. I was SO thankful that the flight landed safely despite his horrific attempt.

I made some resolutions that I'd like to see happen this year. They are to get my finances in order, which includes paying off two credit cards. I want to take a cruise with the family, work on my relationships, find and join a new church and to work on this book I've been writing for over three years.

One more thing, why has everyone coined the term of 2010 "let's get it"? That phrase is very annoying. Well I am going to gather my things to get ready to board my flight, let's hope this goes smooth!


Nina said...

Safe travels!!! Good resolutions!

Let's get it? Yes, that is smh

Young woman on a journey said...

yes, travel safely.

oh...i love bff...but whatever.

let's get it is super annoying.

wishing you the best love. hope this year exceeds your expectations.

Trish said...

Nina-Made it back home and it feels great to be in my own space.

YW-You are in the majority with liking bff. He and I went over my cousin's house and she ran towards us with open arms and pushed me on her way by to hug him! Lol!

P.s. I hope this year is wonderful to both of you!!

Jameil said...

it is so ridiculous how people act like OMG NEW YEAR I'M GOING TO EVERYTHING NOW!! why only in january? i'm not saying don't make goals b/c i certainly will but all the 'let's get it'ing makes me weary!! do it all year!! so next year you can make even more goals. glad you had a great and safe trip home! :)

RealHustla said...

"Let's get it?" Dunno if I've heard that one and yes it is irritating. I'm just going to try to be optimistic about the new year. Honestly I get tired of setting goals for myself. So sad.

Trish said...

Jameil-Thank you! Not to be a pessimist but this won't be a GREAT year for everyone. It's like us all hitting the lottery for millions, unrealistic. Cheers to a good year for SOME of us! Haha!

RH-I know what you mean. You see I didn't put weight loss on there, that seems to be a recurring thing on lots of list. I hope this is a great yr for you!

Rashan Jamal said...

Let's Get It!!! - kidding, i actually haven't heard that. I only hear the stupid rhymes. Like "Win in Ten"

Glad you had a good time and Happy New Year

Trish said...

Rashan-You were just wrong for that! Lol! Maybe it's a MI thing, who knows, I HATE IT!

Win in ten stinks too!