Monday, March 29, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am in a relationship now.I know, I didn't foresee that happening any time soon either. You guys will never guess who it is, are you thinking? Hmmm....obviously it is someone you'd know of....Give up??? Teddy!!!

Trust me; I was just as surprised as you. Back in January, he texted me out of the blue, apologizing for what happened. He asked how I was and wondered if I'd ever moved to Texas. I replied telling him I was fine and matter-of-factly, let him know that I did move.

I had mixed emotions about the whole situation. I expressed to you all that I liked him and how he vanished. I was upset with him but at the same time, curiosity had gotten the best of me and I wanted an explanation. After we texted a bit that afternoon, he asked me to call him. The conversation that evening was as dry as six month old fruit cake. I knew that my attitude was funking up the call, but at that point he was just asking me questions and not offering up any explanations.

Time went on and we began to get reacquainted with each other. The conversations eventually made their way back to how they were before his disappearing act. After a couple of weeks, he asked if he could take me out. I agreed and we made plans to spend a Saturday afternoon together.

Saturday came and I was nervous as ever. What would he think of me? Would he like me? Would I like him? All types of questions were running through my mind. Thing was, although we started talking early last summer, we had never actually met in person, so the pressure was definitely on my shoulders.

I had agreed to let him pick me up, but I wasn't sure I wanted him to know which exact apartment was mine, so I told him to wait in the car and I'd be down shortly. He showed up fifteen minutes early and I was not ready so he just had to sit out there and wait.

I got to his car and got in and hugged him. He smiled a warm smile and said hello and we headed out for our afternoon of fun. First, went bowling. He had bet me that I wouldn't win a game and if I did he'd take me to the mall, a place that he loathes. I'm happy to report that I won a game and the mall was our next outing of the day.

Teddy was the perfect shopping buddy that day. He held my bags, gave his opinion on a few things I tried on, all without one complaint. If he was trying to win brownie points with me, it was surely working.

Our last stop was dinner at a quaint little Italian restaurant. We had a little table in the back of the restaurant, although I still think they put us back there because we were the only black couple there. Okay, I’m getting off track, so back to the story. Over our shared appetizer, he asked me if I was having a good time. I told him that I was and had no idea how the night would go. He said he had been nervous because of how he left things with us; he was unsure of how I’d act on our date. I assured him that I wouldn’t have agreed to go out with him, just to get him in public and embarrass him.

Once our meal arrived, he slowly but surely began to tell me what actually had been the cause of things ending with us. To pretty much sum things up, he began to doubt if he was good enough for me. Past relationships really did a number to his feelings and seeing as though I’d been through the same thing, I forgave him. The fact that he was man enough to apologize and actually admit his insecurities spoke volumes to me.
After that night all the feelings I had for him came rushing back. The hardest part for me when we stopped talking was wondering why things ended considering we got along so well. Things with us are better than I ever imagined before I moved here. We have the best time when we’re together, even if it’s just staying in for the day. I truly feel like in him, I have my soul mate.

I know this is all extra mushy and sometimes I still can’t believe I even feel this way, but I do. I’ve never actually been in love with someone, in a healthy relationship. I am truly thankful that I put my ego aside that day and replied to his text and more so that I agreed to go out with him. It’s funny that you never know what is in store for us, but I am happy that they came together like they did.

So far Teddy has met my sister and I am supposed to meet his mom soon, please keep me in your prayers! Lol!

As for my blogging, I promise to do better. I missed you all!


Young woman on a journey said...

yaaay for coming back! you don't need prayers to meet his mom. I'm sure you are nothing but an absolute darling. i'm so happy for youu. and i'm glad you feel comfortable with him and that you got an explanation for how things went down. its always hard when things are broken unexpectedly when they seem to be going well. So here's wishing you continued happiness. and i can't wait to hear more about Teddy, mall outings and such!

Jaded said...

Good for you Trish! I know it must feel so good to have things going great in your life. I agree with YW, you don't need prayers to meet his mom; she'll either like you or she wont. Either way, just be yourself.

Yay. I'm excited for you :-) :-)

Just out of curiousity, what made him change his mind about being good enough for you?

Trish said...

I hope you're right YW. I've avoided meeting parents as often as possible. Being with him is definitely a welcomed experience. Thanks so much for the support!

Trish said...

Thanks Jaded! The reason he contacted me is because he said one day in class his instructor posed a question asking if any of them have ever judged someone prematurely. He thought back to me and how he assumed I was out of his league without ever attempting to find out. He decided to work up the nerve to call and the rest is history!

Rashan Jamal said...

Congratulations on your relationship. I hope it works out for you. Maybe, just maybe, you'll have something to blog about now. 1 post in March is unacceptable! LOL

RealHustla said...

Congrats on the new beginning. Keep you radars in the on position.