Monday, August 3, 2009

The Weekend

My weekend was cool for the most part. I stayed in Friday night while my cousins went to a bar for old school night, I just wasn't feeling it. Saturday morning my neices came over at 7:30am and they stayed til around five. We had a good time being silly with one another. I don't see them as much as I used to and I really missed them.

Saturday night I wasn't much up for partying either, in fact, I only left the house to let my dad's dog outside. My brother works at a restaurant so thanks to him, I had dinner without having to go anywhere.

Sunday I got up and went to 8:00 service at church. I enjoyed the message and was glad that I went. My little brother's car apparently broke Saturday some time and it was in front of the house. Sunday when I was headed out the door I noticed its now in the driveway so I wake him up asking him to move it. It was at this time that he informs me that its broken. My thing is, it was broken when it was on the street, why not leave it there or if you're going to attempt to put it in the backyard, get it all the way back there. The car being stalled where it is requires me to drive partially on my neighbor's grass. It has me very irritated that I have to do this. At some point today while I'm here at work, I am going to tell his tail to have that car out of the driveway by the time I get home.

After church I ran a couple errands and went home to clip some coupons. Hey, I'm trying to move, I need all the savings I can get. One of my errands included picking up a mini cake for my mom. There was no special reason behind the cake, other than its her favorite and just a little love token.

I was supposed to see my friend's baby and spend time with her but at around 6ish she texted asking if we could reschedule, which was fine by me. During the course of the day my sister had harassed me about going to the movies. We had just went two weeks ago and I wanted to spend the night in but she tried guilting me into it because she doesn't have any friends, so I decided to go ahead and go.

The theater that she wanted to sells liquor and this was her main focus for wanting to go there. She was surprised when I informed her I didn't want a Daiquirita with her. She offered to buy it for me but the money wasn't the issue. I have been trying to watch what I eat and there are so many cals in those frozen drinks, it makes no sense.

We saw the H.angover. It was funny and the liquor intensified my sister's sense of humor. I had to tell her to quiet down a couple of times. Then this teeny-bopper movie usher came over and asked her to put her phone away. Well she started cussing and fussing about how she's an adult and how she'll cuss him out and he won't do anything about it. I covered my face slightly and resumed watching the movie.

I gave her the cake to give to my mom since they now live in the same apt complex. After that I went home and attempted to watch B.ridezillas but to no avail, about fifteen minutes into the show, my DVR started going haywire. I laid down and got a phone call from this new guy I've been talking to a lot. I will have to give details on him later.

Hope you all had a nice weekend.


Anonymous said...

the hangover is madly hilarious..check out my blog and follow ;-)

Miss.Stefanie said...

The hangover was hella hilarious!!

Trish said...

Tia and Stef-Yes it was! At the end when they started showing the pics from the weekend, she insisted that we leave the show.