Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Just when I thought that I would finally have some peace in the house, here comes more headaches. So my little brother has decided to stay in the States and work. His wife has been IM-ing & calling me to vent. There is only so much I want to say since I am really trying not to get back caught up in their ridiculous fights.

It's so sad because yesterday she made a comment about no matter how much they fight verbally and physically, they both know neither of them are going anywhere. I just sat there with my face semi-twisted.

Ok back to the reason for this post. I'm not sure if you all will believe me but in some ways my brother is actually worse than my sister. I thought I'd finally be able to live in a clean house and here he comes, The Tasmanian Devil. I swear, you'd think he was a stripper the way he has clothes all over the house. He'll have shorts in the livingroom, underwear in the bathroom, a t-shirt in the office, its like WHAT THE HELL!

I was trying to just be cool until he left which was scheduled for this coming Sunday. But since I heard from my mother today that he is supposed to be staying, I HAVE to say something to him before I attack him.

Last night and another night a week or so ago, he left the doors unlocked. While I don't live in the worse neighborhood, I don't live in the best either. I live off of a major street and there is an alley at the corner. I thought that I'd be a bit more comfortable having a male presence in the house but I was safer with just me because I made sure the doors were locked every night.

I mentioned to him last time how I was upset that the doors were left unlocked and he turned around and did it again last night. I started writing a note before I left out this morning but I decided we need to talk one-on-one.

The day before yesterday I took the trash out and was in a hurry. He was home all day but do you think he put another bag in the trash can? Of course not. I finally had to say something to him about it. He started to say something but decided to let his voice trail off instead. Perhaps he remembered that I give him money from time to time and I have let him use my car on numerous occasions since he's been back.

Well he put the bag in the can..I should be happy, right? Wrong! Why didn't he pick up the trash that he had piling up on the counter? He didn't because he's lazy, that's why. He also hasn't washed a dish since he's been there and he leaves loads full on the counter and in the computer room. He doesn't even has the decency to rinse off the dishes he uses, he lets them set and harden before dropping them off on the counter for me to wash.

I have a hair appointment tonight and when I get home, I am going to lay things out for him. If he doesn't help out, he has to go, flat out. I'm tired of cleaning up behind grown folks. The decision is up to me if he stays or goes and I refuse to clean up behing his lazy a$$ anymore.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Oh no, no,no! I think rules need to be set up mamas

Anonymous said...

I think men get so used to being boss where they live and women taking care of them that they forget to adjust when they get around other female family.

I took the kids on vacay after school was out. My brother came to meet us for a day with my mom who lives with him. My brother didn't like my daugter's outfit because he thought that it looked like pajamas. He kept saying it, then he said "Buttah, I said I don't like her outfit, it looks like pajamas."

Now I ain't seen this fool in damn near a year. I love him to death but then I had to say, "Brother, I understand that, but we are dressed and ready to walk out the door. I'm not about to find her another outfit and delay us just because YOU don't like it." I think he was a little surprised at my reaction. I understood that my mother bows down to him so often that he was confused. I just had to remind him that when it comes to me and mines EYE am the Queen.

Trish said...

Stef-I had to call him this morning to talk. I saw that he left the door unlocked AGAIN this morning!

Buttahfly-You're right!! So right! He went from my mom's house to living with his wife. He has always been cleaned up after.

Your brother is a trip, I'm all for respecting men but some think that what they say is gospel and that's what bothers me.