Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get A Life

So I’m sitting at work dog tired and fantasizing about a nap. It’s almost noon and in walks my supervisor. She’s been on “vacation” this week but has still been calling me asking me to do work related favors.

Who on earth would come in on a Thursday when they have been off since the prior week?? She really needs to get a life. She loves the attention and it’s so irritating.

There is someone else at work that I would like to get a life. That person is the custodian for my department. He cries and whines like a baby when we throw toner in the garbage. Allegedly, the toner is detrimental to the health of the human body…so why do you want me to throw it away Mr. Custodian?

He has been causing ruckus on my entire floor about these damn toner cartridges. So being the Office Manager, people have decided that they’ll give ME the cartridges since he always complains to them when they place them in the trash. So a coworker has her staff person give me a used cartridge. Irritated and sleep-deprived I asked my coworker if she wanted me to take the toner home with me.

People are just so lazy and will do as little as possible and many people here get away with that. I on the other hand am bombarded with stuff to do everyday and if I don’t drop everything and wipe their noses and say coddle them, they have a fit.

I have one more person to add to the get a life list. This homeless pan approached me while I filled up for gas before heading to work asking me if I’d like him to pump it and I responded, “no.” After thinking over my response he informed me that he’d like a honey bun and some milk. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I work everyday and I haven’t had breakfast, what do I look like taking requests from someone who begs all day.

I ended up telling him to back up because he was too close. In the meantime, the gas station attendant got on the speaker telling the man to leave the premises. The pump I was at didn’t work so I asked her if the pump was broke and she said “no, I just don’t want him at this gas station.” “Lady, I don’t want him here either”, I thought to myself. Homeless guy decides to go in and have a shouting match with the attendant. I got in the car and left without gas. Too much idiocy for one morning!!


Miss.Stefanie said...

You know, I never NOT give a homeless person money. But when I had 0 in my account and only a dollar to my name in my wallet, he said somehting so rude to me and I said, "Does it ever occur to you that we too are trying to survive. Im sorry your in that position, but just cuz I am wearing clean clothes, have a car, and a home doesnt mean I am not on the same boat financially" I bursted outta anger...I had to, sometimes they say the rudest things even when I do give em money.

Then at work someone ALWAYS NEEDS TO TO GET A LIFE...And I tell them so.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I can't believe you had to leave without your gas.

Here, we put the toner cartriges back into the box and send them back to the manufacturer. I think we get some kind of credit, I don't know. But call and ask them wassup, and how you should be disposing of them.

Trish said...

Stef-I mean I'm all for helping people but not the same people that I see in the same spot all day, everyday. I don't believe that man got smart with you!

Trish said...

Buttahfly-It was just too much to deal with before 8am. As for the toner, I just didn't think placing it in the trash was such a big deal. Thanks for the info though, I'll look into it.

Young woman on a journey said...

trish, that's how we've done it at other offices i've worked at as well, send the toner back.

lmao...i could see how this could be one hell of a way to start a morning. i mean, wow. its sooo much. i'm with stefanie though, its hard not to give money, but i had to train myself cause i'm only slightly a step above them.

Trish said...

YW-We have like 40 printers. I will be spend the majority of my day trying to get that toner picked up, that stinks.

Yeah, like you and Stef I don't mind giving, but to people who are in need, not lazy people who make a living from living off others.