Tuesday, August 25, 2009


No not a thief, the pain you get in your neck. That's what I'm experiencing right now. I am so miserable. I'm not sure if this is a result of bad sleeping or if I tore something.

To add to my rough starting morning, my neighbor's dog was in my yard yet again this morning. It's a bulldog and he tried to intimidate me with his stares and extra tight lips. The worse part is my little baby was back there. She weighs all of 10lbs and isn't spayed, I would be livid if he impregnated her.

I have tried knocking on their door, that happens to be wide open, including the screen almost all day and no one will answer. So after him coming back there 3x I left them a note. Apparently, they don't give a spit about my note.

I was thinking I'd teach them a lesson and lock the dog in my garage. I know that's mean but the only other option I can come up with is Animal Control.

What do you think?

Driving in to work was definitely a challenge trying to switch lanes, so I stayed in the slowest lane as long as I could. I just want to be pain free. My fingers and arm is tingling too and moving my next brings this sharp pain in my back.


Anonymous said...

Animal control. But make sure you keep your doggie out of their reach in case they try to retaliate.

Trish said...

Buttahfly-I thought about that too. I don't want them trying to get even.

Young woman on a journey said...

aww love. get your neck looked at! i hope you feel better soon!