Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragon Lady

Today has been one hectic day. My computer here at work got the worm virus so my computer was running extra slow and these pop-up ads jumped on my screen every couple of minutes. It is budget time in my office and the wrong time for my computer to act up.

I told my boss, Dragon Lady, my issue and she had me request a loaner tower from our IT dept. You'd think, cool, she got another tower, now she can work on her projections. WRONG!!! The tower they brought me had E.xcel 2007 and my office is behind the times and still using 2003. So now I'm trying to find my other workbooks and it was just frustrating. My boss caught wind that I was trying to maneuver through 2007 and snapped that this was not the time for me to be learning new software. Yeah lady, I didn't ask them for 2007, so beat it.

Finally I called a friend who uses the 07 version and got the ball rolling. Prjoection season is when my boss and I talk the most and I dread every single minute of the experience. The project is due Wednesday and then we can go back to not speaking to each other.

On top of the work mess, I have a cold that won't quit. I thought it was gone but resurfaced this morning. I am going to buy everything on the shelf at the pharmacy tonight because I refuse to be sick for my trip to 80 degree weather this weekend.


Nina said...

good luck girly!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Gooood luck!!!

Trish said...

Thanks Nina and Stef!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, hasn't this cold been around for a few weeks? May be time for a doctor's visit.

Trish said...

Buttahfly-If it was anybody else who was sick I'd say yes, but this happens all the time with me, takes forever to get rid of a cold.