Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

Work has been really busy these past few days. I had an impromptu meeting Friday which informed me basically how crappy of a job I was doing. If thats not how she meant it then it sure looked that way. Funny how bosses can be the ones who makes mistakes but somehow its your fault and your issue.

All I can look forward to while I'm here is the day I give them my two-week notice. I never believed in people putting in notice and showing their a**es but these women here make me want to become a statistic.

Over the weekend, I drove my mom to Kentucky for my great aunt's funeral. The drive was pretty good although I hurt my mom's feelings. She has a tendency to overload me with questions rather than just have a conversation with me. I have a friend that does this to me too and I just don't like it. Maybe it is something that I need to work on. But by the end of the trip my mom and I were laughing and talking about the good ole' days.

My grandfather was rushed to the ER last night. He recently had a feeding tube inserted and he was bleeding out from it. They are running tests now but luckily they got the bleeding to stop.

I am trying not to count down until I see Toot again. We have still been consistent with our phone conversations and we both miss each other. Okay, so can I share with you guys that he is a planner. This is rare for me meeting a man who actually does what he says and I want to embrace it and not be scared of it. He has plans for me..for us...We'll see how things end up coming together.

Why did my ex that I broke up with last March call me the other day? He has this twisted idea that its alright for him to call me even though I've asked him not to. Think I'm being harsh? Let's see, he lied about his age, his marital status, which was MARRIED and the age of his own daughter who wasn't 12 but 18. I want him to go away. I don't think I should have to change my number to get him to leave my life for good. I haven't had a phone conversation with him since we broke up but he is adamant on calling and I am passionate about not picking up. After all that he did, he tells me that I'm not being Christian-like to not take his calls. He says that he is doing what any saved man would do. His mind is so warped its ridiculous.

I know this is all over, hopefully I can get my thoughts together for a real post.


Young woman on a journey said...

um...that n-word is crazy. pure crazy. you may just have to change your number.

i hope gramps is okay!

time with mom is great! i totally understand you and the questions though. luckily its something my mom DOESN'T do. but my gosh i can get sooooooooo overwhelmed with people who are interrogative.

i'm happy for you and toot...enjoy it!

Miss.Stefanie said...

I hope your abuelo is okay!

As far as the x...Id change my number hella quick if the dude called me.

Trish said...

Young woman- How'd I know you all would think I should just go ahead and change my number?! LOL!

Grandad is still in the hosp but not bleeding anymore.

Thanks for the well wishes on things with Toot.

Stef-I hope he is okay soon too. Dangit!! Why won't psycho just back off?!