Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip to Texas

I'm back from Texas and I had the best vacation ever, although it didn't start that way. Friday Texas had a severe thunderstorm and it forced us to be stuck in the air almost two hours circling above the storm. Ultimately they diverted us to New Orleans and we had to wait there until the storm passed. All I could think was the counting down we've been doing to see each other and here's another delay but there was no choice but wait. After being held up five extra hours, I finally made it to Texas.

He was everything I expected and even more. He had come in and got my luggage, I had told him what bag to look for. I spotted him in the airport and he looked just like his pictures. He was a smidge shorter than me, but I had already expected that. After a three hour plane ride turning into an eight hr trip, after we got to his car that was also as he said it was, I dozed off.

He showed me around a lot and I saw some luxury apartments that I fell in love with. The complex has its own dog-care services, gym and personal trainer. The apartment came with a full size washer/dryer and garage. It was the best I'd seen. One apartment I saw had the sink in the bedroom and a door to the bathroom right by it. I'm not fond of the idea that to use the bathroom people would have to come through my room. .

So activity wise we went to eat quite a bit and he made me a few meals. My favorite part was the beach. I love going to beaches, its so serene there. I saw some of the devastation that Ike left, you never realize how bad things are until you see them first hand. He also convinced me to ride to the beach with him on his motorcycle. It was my first time and saying that I was nervous is an understatement. There was a point when we were on the freeway and the wind was blowing so hard that I left my nail marks in his skin!

After finally getting off my legs hurt like hell, they are still recovering as a matter of fact. I got to see his kids at a sporting event they played in. It was nice seeing that everything that he said was as he said it. That night we watched Man, it was funnier than I thought it would have been.

He was very affectionate but it wasn't annoying to the point where I wanted to swing on him. Overall on a scale of one to ten I give the trip a twelve. I'm glad I took a chance and happy about how things turned out. When he was getting ready to take me to the airport he got on his knees and hugged me and I actually dropped like four tears. I was so mad at myself. I don't allow myself to show emotions, yet I'm sitting here being a wimp, I was beating myself up.

After getting myself together, I noticed he wasn't happy either. So the car ride to the airport was about everything other than me leaving. Getting out of the car was like man...its over. So we said our goodbyes and I walked away, turned to say bye again and continued walking. He called out to me and I stood still and he jogged to me and hugged me again and kissed me.

The pathway to the airport seemed so long. He had told me to call him when I made it home so I just found a souvenir shop and got something for my SIL. She actually was the only person to ask me to bring her something, so I'm like well okay since she asked, I will oblige. After about fifteen minutes he texted me and then we ended up talking. At some point I lost my drivers license in the airport so I was looking everywhere for it but didn't want to miss my flight so I had to leave it behind.

I texted everyone that I was headed home and ended up dozing off before we took off but I quickly woke up when we went speeding down the runway for take-off. After about an hour and twenty minutes a flight attendant got on the speaker asking for any medical personnel to come up front. Now, thats not what you want to hear while you're in the air. Turns out a man was having a seizure on the plane. They announced that we had to make an emergency landing at the closest airport so the man could get off and received medical attention. You never know how heartless people are until situations like this. The lady next to me was like "why can't he just wait til we get to our destination, its only about thirty minutes away." I'm thinking, if it was you or your family, you'd want the plane detoured too but I said well to cover their own tails, they're required to get the man help as soon as possible.

After an hour or so of that we were finally ready to take off and ride about forty minutes to our destination. I told my dad to get to the airport at nine p.m. We didn't end up getting in the aiport til like nine-thirty. So I called him and said as soon as I grab my luggage I'll be there and bypass the lost and found. He told me to take my time. Little did he know, his nerves would be tested even further. The carousel where the luggage comes out broke down for about fifty minutes because this lady had the nerve to still have a hard-shell suitcase.

My dad didn't seem too mad overall and we talked about my trip. I went in my parents house and grabbed my dog and headed home. I let him know I finally made it home and he told me he missed me already, it was good knowing the feelings were mutual. So haven't been back a full twenty four hours and he wants me to see when I can take off to come next month.

I don't even want to get into the bs going on at work at this moment, I want to stay in this bubble of happiness as long as I can. I'm already counting down the days til I go back.


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Young woman on a journey said...

welcome back! i'm soooooo glad it went well. that lady on the plane was mad rude!

Trish said...

Thanks Stef and Young Woman!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to say anything. I don't want your bubble to burst either.

Trish said...

Aww man Buttahfly!