Thursday, May 21, 2009

When it Rains..

We all know this saying and it has definitely been pouring for me. I got a speeding ticket a couple of days ago and my water heater went out the day before that. Then yesterday I had a four hour conference and after about three hours of being back in the office my boss hands me an envelope. It was a written reprimend following up on a mtg that Dragon Lady, my supervisor and I had. They gave me an assignment that they wanted on a day I had scheduled off and pre-approved. I went to my union representative about it. These women have been on my back since I started and I'm tired of it. I have worked for my company about eight years and this is the first department I have ever had problems with.

In other news, I have started packing to move from my apartment. I am getting lazy with it already but I plan to use this holiday weekend as a time to get things packed up. The company I hired wants to charge me $355 to move me fifteen minutes away. While I don't want to part with that kind of money, to have to call friends and family and rely on them to help is far worse for me. The greatest part about packing for this move is knowing that in a few short months I will be packing yet again to move to Texas and that in itself is motivation.

Oh and breaking parents have reconciled!!! It has been the longest five months in my life but I can't remember the last time I've been so happy. They both took separate vacations, my dad went to see a bachelor friend of his and my mom to see my aunt in Arizona. When my dad came back and told us about his trip, we could tell that he saw the other side and the grass wasn't so green. His friend who had all the space and time to himself was lonely and miserable and my dad saw that first hand. The saddest part he recalled to us from his visit was that his friend goes to a local liquor store down the road and buys a pack of cigarettes and the store owner rations him out four cigarettes per visit so that he doesn't smoke too many.

While my mom was gone my dad moved back to their room and she told me that they talked and they are both going to work on their issues. My mom's happiness made all my drama seem insignificant.

Oh and I got my grades back from this semester. In accounting I got a B and in the business class I received an A. Considering I have been out of school for five years, I was very proud of myself. My mom was too and she offered to buy me a laptop for my great efforts. I told her I'd mull it over and get back with her.

One last semi story for you guys. My little brother, the woman-hitter is trying to come back home. We think its great because he needs an a** whooping and some help. The not-so-good part is that he is trying to bring the wife and child. The circumstances in which they left leave me wondering how its possible for all this to happen but I'll keep you posted.


Young woman on a journey said...

if your brother is moving back in then yikes...more drama.

congrats on the good grades. that's awesome!

nice to hear your parents are working it out.

Trish said...

Young woman- Who are you telling?! Especially since my parents are leaving their house next month. Thanks about the report card!!

Miss.Stefanie said...

Congrats on the prents! My parents, even though they are divorced, still fight horribly. I dont want them back together but they can tone it down a notch.

Congrats on the grades!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm happy for your parents too. Now if we could narrow down why one brother hits and the other marries...

Nina said...

Yay!!! On grades and the rents...

Where in TX are you moving? I'm thinking abt Fort Worth or Dallas. Not sure...isn't it intimidating??? I admire you for it though... :)

Trish said...

Stef-Thanks!! And I really believe that some people truly aren't meant to be together.

Buttahfly-Thanks, my sister and I are thrilled. Ha ha about the brothers, I will post about the wedding later.

Nina-I really like Houston. I know a few people in Dallas who love it there. It is overwhelming to think about but I truly believe that its the next step in my life so I'm going to embrace it. That'd be great if you moved too but I say wait til you're ready.