Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend+ Today

Saturday was a pretty alright day. I got to do a bit of shopping and found a couple of great deals from O.ld Navy, including a summer dress that I could not find a tank top to accomodate with it. I then went to the nail shop and said I wanted the works. Well I thought what I was geting was the works until this lady came in and asked for the works including her beard and mustache! So I am trying to come up with a new term for a pedi, fill-in and eyebrows.

Next was a quick pit stop home to gather my school books and then meet my sister and cousin for dinner. We went to a Chinese buffet, a normal spot of ours, and we had a good time. I had only ate a bowl of cereal that day because I knew that I like to big out when it comes to the buffet. I was mad that after only two plates, I was stuffed.

I convinced them to accompany me to the mall where I was looking for an outfit that I saw online in Forev21. I got to hear from my cousin and sister how "skinny" I was, although I'm a size 12, far from skinny. I always combat them saying that compared to them, yes I guess I AM skinny. It is so irritating to be criticized for being smaller than everyone you hang around. Whenever I try to lose weight, they all but call me a witch and hang me at the stake.

Finally after a day of shopping and eating I settled in front of the computer to do my homework. This was the last assignment due for the class and then I had a final to do Sunday. When I opened up my assignment it was through a Word document that I had emailed to myself. I made sure to hit copy every ten minutes or so.

My sister started to hound me about going over my cousin's house to make daiquiris so I finished up the section I was working on and got ready to shut down the laptop. The crazy thing is that for some reason right after I saved it, I tried to open it again just to look at how much more I had to complete. Thats when I discovered that my paper was gone. It was sucked into the abyss of technology, never to be heard from again. I was upset. I have never in my life lost a paper and here it is deadline time and my paper is gone. I looked everywhere for it, in the history, in the most recent documents, temporary files, you name it, I looked there.

I gave up the search at about 11pm when I realized that I had to do something because the assignment was due at 11:55. I pulled up the original, incomplete assignment I had emailed myself and began typing away as much as I could so that I could submit something. I was determined to get an A in that class. I ended up turning in about 60% of the assignment but again I rationed something was better than nothing. I spoke to Toot for a little bit and then I headed to Dreamland.

Sunday morning I woke up and called Toot, us talking in the morning has become our routine. He and I were both tired, but he's so exhausted in the morning, so I try to keep him alert til he gets home. We talked about quite a few things, including my upcoming visit. I hate that I think so much. I have our whole time planned and I haven't even gotten there yet. I've been trying to live in the moment and its proving a challenge for me. It's so crazy because I look forward to seeing him, talking to him and cuddling with him, but remember how I used to feel about the ex? Not the same feeling at all. I'm pretty sure the issue is me though and I have to slow things down so that I don't get bored with him.

My siblings and I had decided to take my mom to breakfast after 8am service at church. Two of my siblings were crying broke about breakfast and the one who didn't and I were both annoyed. It's like she's our mom and there are four of us, surely we can all chip in on breakfast?! Then when I mentioned a gift, my sister asked if I had changed my mind about us taking her to eat. I told her that if she was that broke, that she didn't have to go in on the gift.

Now it may seem that I'm being harsh, but let me give you a little history behind why I was being so crude with her. First of all, she lives at home with my parents and doesn't pay rent or bills. Second, she's 25 and makes about $18 an hour and has no children and no car note. Lastly, she had a bankruptcy about a year ago so the majority of her bills were written off with the judgement. So I guess my question is, where is her money going? Savings, you think? No. She is supposed to be moving in July when my parents move, which coincidentally, she chose to rent in the exact same complex that they chose. Tell me why she has no money saved up, because I don't know why. Then she decided to take a trip this week too, just like I am and paid about $800 for the trip but now has no spending money. She informed me that she is going to go take out a couple payday loans so that she has money for her tip.

Breakfast went fine, although one of my brothers ended up somehow only contributing $25 for himself, his three kids(2 which are preteens) and my mom's portion.

Next was a stop to my grandparents and I ended up dozing off on his plush couch. But I didn't doze off soon enough because I heard my grandfather say that everybody sitting on the couch was fat. Good ole' grandad, nothing like him lifting our spirits.

I finally got home at about six and talked to Toot for a while before he hurried my off the phone to do my online exam and study for today's final. I pull out the laptop that screwed me over the night before and as I'm in the folder for the class I notice that the exam isn't there. Frantically, I begin looking for the syllabus and any emails that the professor may have sent us saying that there was a problem accessing the test. I emailed her and hoped that she'd get it before the night was over and the test was to close.

She wrote me back a nice, matter-of-fact, email. Her email stated that the exam actually closed Saturday night but that she would open it for me for 2 hours to get it done. I was so very appreciative. When it was all said and done, I got 100% on the final and an A in the class. So just one final to go tonight and I will have gotten through a semester of school. I plan to spend the rest of my afternoon at work studying.


Young woman on a journey said...

congrats on the A. i'm so glad she reopened it. sorry that all the other stuff didn't go as planned. but something is better than nothing and you'll be blessed for all you do and others are unwilling to.

Nina said...


Trish said...

Young woman-Thanks! I was so happy too, almost sent her an e-card! LOL!

Nina-Thanks and YAY ME!