Friday, August 31, 2012


I did a two day fast this week. Not long for some people but for me, it was just enough. I feel like I have been in a vicious cycle lately, doing the same dumb things and wondering why I keep getting the same stupid results.

I've decided that after my lease is up that I am going to use a roommate locator so that I can pay off some bills and save. The townhouse I went to see a few weeks ago was wonderful and made me really yearn for home ownership. The current state of my financial situation will mean that I will never be able to save up enough for a down payment so I need to take the necessary steps. I am also going to start looking for a new job. My prayer is that any increase that I get will also go towards bills and savings. I was reading up on Vision Boards and I want to make one for myself, there are so many things I want, so I need to put them down and bring them into fruition.

The guy I had been dating kind of ticked me off. I asked him to do me a favor and he said he would but then went into asking me a ton of questions. It was Sunday when I asked him to do said favor and he has yet to mention it. When he wants or needs something, he never has to mention it more than once to me. I feel some kind of way about having to ask people who I am always there for to do something for me several times. I feel like if it was something he wanted, then he would have been more diligent about following up. I have made up my mind that if he doesn't mention it by Monday then I am done with him. It may seem petty but I am tired of wasting my time with people who don't treat me as I treat them. I was already thinking of cutting him off because we hadn't spoken in a week and he came contacting me. I had packed up a few things that he left at my place and put them in my front closet. He asked about his items when he came over. I went to the front to get them and he made a comment that I put his stuff by the door like I had done with Nbr's things. You're damned right, I don't have time for the bull.

I am ready to really start taking care of me because if I don't nobody else will. When I am cleared to start back working out by the doctor, I will. I am ready to get my life back on track.


Jameil said...

I bet he'll do it on Sunday or Monday. The duds always know when you're about to dump them.

Nina said...

yea...i'm with jameil. even after he does it, you should be like thank you and goodbye.

i feel like when you're thoroughly focused on yourself that's when somoene comes by

Trish said...

Jameil you are probably right. I say that as I sit here looking at it blocking the door to my bedroom because I can't lift it. It's Saturday.....

Ninaboo, I know that is what I should say. I am so tired of people half-assing things with me....

Anonymous said...

Hey sis! Congrats on the fast - I probably couldn't last half a day!

Good luck on the roommate hunt, sounds like a great way to save some money - just make sure you get someone good. I'm trying to save money myself and don't have extra money to be bailing you out of jail. *wink*

I think focusing on yourself is a GREAT thing. You definitely deserve it.