Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Hit

Literally and figuratively, I've been hit. My cousin came into town over the weekend. The trip was going pretty well until this drunk driver hit the hell out of us. After I gave him a verbal lashing and got myself together, I was able to look at the damages. He completely crushed the back of my car with his pickup truck. What is even worse is that he tried to get away but thankfully, the street he turned on was a dead end and his truck was making a ton of noise.

I was able to flag down some police that were already working at the scene of a fatality on the freeway. My neck hurt instantly and I was eaten by mosquitoes in my club gear, which consisted of a mini dress and 3 inch heels.

The officers that assessed the situation of course deemed it was his fault but I was now without a car. Thankfully, a friend picked us up at around midnight and took us home. The next day I went and rented a car and of course I had to pay out of pocket since the insurance claim office was closed.

There are a lot of other crazy things going on but I am getting a headache just thinking about them. I am blessed that things are not worse than they are. I will be happy once my car situation is handled and I am no longer in pain.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

OMG! I Thank God you're alive!! Sorry for your pain. Drunk drivers SUCK!

Trish said...

Thanks GP! It's crazy how someone's recklessness effects so many people.

Anonymous said...

Sis! I'm glad you're okay!!! I hate drunk drivers, and I probably wouldn't have even been able to cuss him out cause I would have tried to kill him. I would have had to walk in the other direction... in my mini dress and heels (you go girl!).


Nina said...

i'm so glad you're okay!!!
you replace a car but not a trish.