Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Saga Continues...

So all was well for about a week until today when I get a text from Nbr that said "Stop Emailing." Say what now?! Why didn't I just ignore him? I didn't want it to seem like I was guilty. In retrospect, I wish that I had not paid any attention to him.

Apparently, his woman is at it again, this time emailing him from a fictitious email that is supposedly mine. He is such an idiot to even believe that I would do this. Those two fools deserve each other. I called the non-emergency police number and they said that officers would have to come out and take my report in person. I made the call while I was at work and there was no way that I wanted that drama at my job.

After a few heated texts back and forth, he says that he and her will both change their phone numbers and email addresses and that way he will know for sure it's not me. I told him that I would just give the police his work info if they need to contact him. Then he flips the script asking me why I was angry and mentioning his job? Uhmmm...because someone threatened me last week and has my personal info and now you're saying they are emailing you as if they are me.

All fingers point to whoever this SHE is that he's with. He told me to move on with my life and he would do the same. I moved on months ago asshole, tell your bitch to get a life, stop being insecure and grow up.

Needless to say I had a breakdown outside at work. There are so many other things going on in my life that I've been keeping bundled in and this isn't helping. Thankfully no one was around and I pulled myself together before I went back into the office. I wish that I had cut him out of my life months ago.

Those of you that pray, mention me tonight. I haven't been sleeping well and feel like one more little thing will set me off.


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I do pray...and I will send some prayers up for you. Men can be so juvenile SMH! I'm sorry you are going through this. Keep your head up this too will pass. ((((HUGS))))

Nina said...

definitely sending prayers your way. girl, some people just love to be in some mess.

Anonymous said...

I'm new here...came over from Mia's spot..but..

Girl that is beyond crazy...the lengths some people go to to remain relevant *smh* I send good vibes your way and hope that they leave you alone!

Trish said...

Thanks GP! I really appreciate it.

Nina-You know it! Who'd have thought he would lead to all this drama??

Ariesdiva-Thanks for stopping by, any friend of Mia's is a friend of mine. I agree with you about how extreme people are and honestly, I hadn't contacted him at all for anything. Thanks for the good vibes, I need them!