Monday, July 4, 2011


I have been enjoying the holiday weekend. In fact, I think that every weekend should include three days. Friday I stayed in and watched some shows on my DVR. Saturday, like clock-work I was up at 6am. Let me tell you, the only time I will shop at a WMart is if I'm up super early, otherwise, they are just too crowded for my taste. I had finished all my shopping by 8am and was back at home.

I decided to make breakfast because it had been a minute since I had homemade breakfast. The breakfast was great and I started doing housework. Wouldn't you know it, a migraine showed up and took over my entire day. I took some gelcaps but had no relief, I knew I needed solid pills but I was in too much agony to drive anywhere. After about eight hours, it finally starting to go away. I had told BeBe I'd make jello shots and a side dish for her bbq Sunday so I had to get up.

I finally met some of BeBe's relatives. She is a lot closer with her friends than family but I felt pretty honored to meet them. I felt her pain when she texted me with a disclaimer that her family was full of characters. I reassured her that my family was comical as well, so no worries.

The good thing was that BeBe had some headache medicine that started to work almost instantly. I bought some decorations and themed plates for the bbq. BeBe is definitely not the holiday type so I knew not to call and ask her if I could hang the decorations, that it'd be better to just get them. I got home that evening and said well if I'm up in time, I will go to church in the morning.

So Sunday morning comes and I was up bright and early at 6am once again. I said well I guess that means that I'll be going to church. In a matter of minutes, my stomach started to hurt and I said well maybe I'll just go next weekend. As God is my witness, when I said that, the power at my apt cut off, it wasn't raining nor windy. I laughed out loud and got up and headed out. I was so glad I went, the message was just for me.

The bbq was a success last night. I helped BeBe set up and clean up. I'm truly blessed to have great friends and family and I know that when the time is right, that I'll get a new job, I just need to try to not think about it for the time being.


Jameil said...

Walmart is the devil. I've been once where it wasn't overrun with riffraff. In 9000 trips. Doesn't everyone have crazy relatives? I love a good bbq!

Trish said...

It IS Jameil!! You're back, yay! I'm heading to your blog now!

Nina said...

YAYYYYYYYY! I love happy posts. :)