Sunday, September 9, 2012

Online Dating

So a girlfriend of mine talked me into activating an online profile. It is funny because about a month ago I was all set to but chickened out. Well imagine my surprise when I logged in Friday and discovered that my profile was indeed active! I had messages that I had no idea were even delivered to me. In fact, I missed an email because I hadn't logged into the account in time.

I must say being in a huge city does not mean that it is easy to meet people. Occasionally I meet people out so I thought okay why not try online. There are some true characters out here. One guy asked me to send him a current pic so I was like okay well that's kind of understandable because people do use old pictures of themselves sometimes. He then proceeds to ask me if I can imagine him kissing me after he sent me a picture of himself. I replied ummm no, especially since I have never even met you. I'm guessing he got the point because I haven't received another text from him. The next thing that I need to do is figure out how to block him so I don't get any calls, texts or emails, I have enough craziness in my life without inviting any more in.

I know without a doubt that there will be more stories to come and I can't think of who better to share them with than my online fam. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!


Jameil said...

You should do the online dating comment of the day! When you have other things to blog about, it can be an addendum. Other days, just a blurb. LOL

Trish said...

Ok Jameil I accept the challenge! I remember when you guys did challenges all the time back when I was a lurker, this should be interesting.....