Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Last night, the online website that I joined hosted a mixer. I wanted to go to the event but the site said that it was already full. I logged on to the site the other day and they invited me to the event, I thought hey, why not??!

Well I literally had to have my new hanging buddy ML, call me and give me a pep talk before I would go in. The event allowed you to bring friends but BeBe put up a fuss about how nappy her hair was and that was her reason behind not going. At that moment, I realized that I need to meet more women.

Anyway, after dragging myself into the event, I walked in and straight to the bar for a glass of wine. After securing a drink, I met a girl whose BFF forced her into going as well. She also shared that all of her friends were getting married. I almost shared with the girl that all of my BFFs were married but decided not to. The fact that all of my closest friends are married doesn't bother me too much, I don't want to be stuck with someone that I don't like.

Well the mixer reminded me of a middle school dance, there were guys in clusters and girls huddled together talking. I told the girl I had been talking to that we may as ell make the most of this and we began talking to different people together. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but whenever there is a singles meet up, African-Americans are in the minority. Well of maybe 10 black guys, all but one were interested in everyone but a black woman. The good thing about me is that I do not have any problem talking to people outside of my race.

I did end up meeting a Hispanic guy that had me laughing the latter part of the evening. His phone died as he asked for my number. I took his number instead. He asked if I was going to really call him and I said yeah. After the event ended, he walked me to my car and on the way there asked me my screen name. I told him no need to know that because I promised to call. He and I were giving other singles tips and I told a guy to ask the girl I had been hanging out with for her number and he did. Next, he asked us if he should wait three days to call and I told him that was so 90s. My new buddy agreed with him and told him to call her Wednesday, so I decided that on Wednesday, I will call him as well.

Did any of you used to watch Mad TV? They had a segment called "Lowered Expectations"? That little piece always used to crack me up. The series was of singles that were clearly rejects looking for dates. Well I will venture to say that they could have been filming for Mad TV last night. There was one guy that had he had on a book bag, I would have been convinced that he was a serial killer. I began to wonder, wow, am I a freak of nature too? LOL! I know that's mean, I quit. I met another girl that I exchanged info with as well. All in all, I'm proud of myself for going and talking to complete strangers.


Jameil said...

I was so right! This is the best series ever!!! A BOOKBAG!?!? What does ANYONE let alone a man need for a mixer that they need a bag that large!?! Was he a quiet man? Kept to himself? I used to hate going to events where none of the black guys will talk to black girls. I didn't care about talking to non-black guys but you're a wack dude who completely avoids women of your race. ROTFL @ Lowered Expectations! I sing that at least twice a month!

Trish said...

You were right Jameil, toot your horn! Girl there were some serious characters in that place. Yes, the guy kept rubbing his hands together, then at one point he actually dug in his nose!! Why was I watching, him? Looking at the creepy man, was like watching a car accident, I couldn't look away. I didn't know anyone else remembered Lowered Expectations! I sing it when I say it just like from the show. LOL!

Nina said...

YAY!!!! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does a grown man need a book bag? i would have imagined his dexter-like tools to carve some single woman up...smh

i'm glad you're out there more. i need some more lady friends too.