Monday, September 10, 2012

Fizzle Out

So I need to know how long to chat with these guys online before I just stop talking to them. Other than the perv, another guy asked if we could chat away from the computer so I gave him my number yesterday afternoon but no contact from him as of yet.

There is another guy, let's call him Retail, he and I have been emailing back and forth the past couple of days but now we're down to one liners after getting through the initial Q & A. I feel like the conversation has hit a bit of a lull. My thinking is, maybe I should just not reply to his last one lined sentence. Opinions?

Up next is LS (he mentioned that he is planning to go to law school in the next year or so). He seems alright, but again, how much do you really get to know emailing someone, but then again, I don't want to give all these random people my number because as I mentioned, I know enough crazy. He messaged me this afternoon asking how my day went but I have yet to reply. There happened to be an article on MSN today about dating tips, so I plan to apply them to see how they actually pan out.

Lastly for tonight's update is Family Guy. FG seems like the typical southern man. He likes all things sports and outdoors and spends a lot of time with his family. Since I'm huge on family, that is a definite pro for me. To me, he looks older than he actually is but people always say that I look really young for my age.

Since Jameil challenged me to write about the experiences, this is just a brief update. I'm just glad that no one else has tried to come at me sideways. Stay tuned.....


Reggie said...

Well good luck in your adventures in dating, but be careful. You never know what's on the other end, especially when you are dealing with people online. Me, I'm scared of folks. Have you ever seen that commercial where a woman is saying she heard something on the Internet which means it must be true....and then some weird guy who she said told her he was a French model walks up and says hi in French?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Well good luck and like Reggie said be careful. I think follow your instincts. You know if you're vibing with someone right off.

I say that I try to give dudes 2-3 tries but I usually just give 1 chance LOL!

I love your new layout! :)

Trish said...

LMAO Reggie! That commercial makes me laugh every time. Idk...if not online, any tips on how to meet someone??

GP-Thanks!! It seems like I was the only one with an old backdrop. I'm with you on the tries. I give less tries to people online!