Sunday, August 12, 2012

School's Out

I am officially done with classes! I put blood, sweat and tears in this program and I am so glad it is over. As always, my group members were burning the midnight oil, waiting up until the final hour to submit our assignment. I actually sighed relief after the work was submitted.

I mentioned to a particular guy that I would be celebrating the end of this exhausting program this weekend and he said that he wanted to take me out. Friday night, we went out for Sushi and also played pool later on in the evening. It definitely felt nice to be treated extra special on an evening that was so important to me.

Last night some of my classmates met up for Happy Hour. I really enjoyed my time and got to see a guy I hadn't seen since my trip to China. We had a good time and you would never know it had been a year since we've seen each other. He took me to breakfast this morning but will be leaving town in the morning. If we lived in the same state, I could totally see us together...I haven't had a weekend go this well in months!

I don't think all of this will feel real until I receive my degree in the mail. There are so many things that I have been slacking on due to school, well I no longer have that excuse and I'm ready. First things first, I need to start looking for a new place ASAP!!

Thank God I made it and I will be impatiently tapping my foot until that degree arrives!!


Jameil said...

Congratulations! I was so relieved to be done with school last year, too! You're free!

Anonymous said...

Sis! Congratulations! I think of you often and can't wait for your visit - just no time soon as it is hot as the devil's balls around here and I would never leave the hotel. But soon!!!

Love ya! xo

Trish said...

I remember how happy you were Jameil! It still seems surreal, hooray to freedom!!

Mia-Thanks Sis! I can't wait to visit either. It has been unbearably hot here lately as well...Come on fall!

Nina said...


Trish said...

Thanks NinaBoo!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Yay!! I'm so happy for you!! CONGRATS!!