Monday, July 27, 2009

What a Way.. start a Monday. I was driving in this morning and this truck in front of me hit a piece of what looked like particle board. It flew up in the air and there was no where for me to go so I rolled over it. I immediately heard a scraping sound but I could still drive it. When I got to work to assess the damage, it had almost completely tore off my bumper. I was so angry. There was nothing I could do to avoid it and it wasn't the trucks fault, I have no idea who to blame but the fact remains still that my car is damaged. As soon as I was finally able to start my savings to relocate this happens.

I know that this is just a test for me. I proclaimed last night that I would have a good week and this was a poor attempt to steal that away from me. Luckily, my dad was in the neighborhood and came to look at it. He thinks I should try to get a new bumper from a junk yard and should have someone put it on rather than file an insurance claim. I just hope that this doesn't set me back too much.

My sup is on vacation this week so its just me and Dragon Lady. If she knows whats good, she'll stay out of my way today.


Miss.Stefanie said...

Trish its only a test. But I am sorry that happened. Just breathe and it will be okay.

You can go to a junkyard...My brother does it all the time.

Nina said...

Hope Dragon Lady is smart..

No worries girl...its always something but you will be okay. You're a always persevere! :)

Trish said...

Stef-Okay well I guess I will try that. It's such an eye sore and it just happened this morning, I want to have it done ASAP.

Nina-She only spoke to me once today, someone was looking out for her.

Thanks for the support ladies.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your dad. You'll have bumper, even though it may be a different color. Junk yard parts are super cheap so you shouldn't be set back too much at all. Now someone like me would have fixed the bumper after i moved.